Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wind Gusts And Allergies

The morning was really nice, no wind at all. But because of all the wind these past few days the allergies are really bad again.

But off I went to my exercise class. It was a bit rough for the first 15-20 min. as my mouth dried out so bad all the water I could drink did not help. I did remember to throw some cough drops in my bag and they helped a lot. And I was able to get back into the steps again.

I came home and grabbed my crochet bag and ran off to that class. By time it was over at 12 the wind was back up and some of the gust were really nasty so another afternoon spent locked in the house.

Yesterday I found a letter in my mail box letting me know I was finally approved for the reduced RX plan.  So off I went to Walgreen's to pick up something they called about and to order my Crestor. I still need to call them to let them know I have already paid my $200. deductible I still paid $146.46 for 3 months of Crestor. It should be cheaper when I get the next refill. Today I had to pick up my thyroid med. and they went down to $4.46 from $30. I sure hope the crestor comes way down the next time.

Good Night All


  1. Is there not a generic for tha---t Wow, medicine is so expensive...maybe with your exercise class you can do away with the meds I take thyroid meds also and my research told me its the fluoride in our water that has screwed up our thyroids! It was so warm here yesterday we had the ac on for the first time.

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Nope no generic for this med so they charge out the butt for it. Don't think the exercise will do much for changing the problem Have had it for many years even when I power walked 4-6 miles a day. I didn't have to use the ac until I went to bed last night and not for long either.

  3. Have you been taking Crestor for any length of time or are you just starting it? I took Lipitor for about a month and got such terrible side effects I threw the damn things away and haven't had a problem since. Those two drugs are favorites of doctors, and I can't believe they don't get some kind of a kickback.

  4. I have been on it for years. Crestor also keep the calcium and tartar from breaking away from the arteries. Since I have a calcium problem I need the crestor. Wish I didn't .