Friday, April 10, 2015

No Wind

Yesterday and today were nice and mild. Comfortable temps. 

Yesterday Fred decided he needed to run away from home. I opened the door and he was out like a shot. I thought wow he really needed to go. I went out and around the house and no Fred. I called and called and then went on the hunt. Lots of neighbors were out walking and word spread. Rose came by and picked me up so she could drive and I could look.  Just as we started out we got a call someone picked him up and they headed for the Club House and the neighbors spotted them and Fred.  As we came down the street he was being lead on leash. He really thought he was hot stuff until he saw me in the truck. He sure knew he was in trouble and didn't want to get in the truck. He was put in time out for the rest of the night but to be taken out for a potty break. Now I put the leash on him before I open the door. I need to go to Walmart and buy another piece of portable fencing so I can put it out back off the end of the porch.  Like I always say it's like having a 3 yr. who never grows up.

Today I finally went for a hair cut and I was going to get the truck washed but now they are saying rain tomorrow night or Sunday. So why bother.

We didn't have exercise class today as the both instructors are ill.

I started to put my name on my pictures as  I post because some one took one off my FB and then shared it with someone else.  I'm happy people enjoy my pictures but to take them and not ask first was really nervy I sell my pictures so that didn't thrill me to much. I mentioned it on FB and didn't get so much as a sorry. That person has been blocked now.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Fred's a little stinker, just like Emma. ;)

  2. I had three Yorkie's and a Shelty. I trained them to sit about 2-3 feet away from the door when I went to open it for them to go outside. Even when they were going out to a fenced in yard. They were not allowed to go out until I said "OK, you can go out". I did this everytime. That way they knew there were no exceptions. Butts on the floor and wait for the OK.

    Fred and Emma aren't the stinkers. ;-) LOL

  3. Hard to say which of you had the wildest day! A long time ago my dog got out of fenced in yard (husband forgot to fasten the gate) and I went chasing her down our street in my nightgown and barefoot. Ugh. I am sure the neighbors thought I was a wild woman. :-O

  4. Hi Judy,

    I guess everything has a wild day once in awhile..

    Hi Nancy,

    He usually waits too but not this time. Just a need to run himself silly.

    Hi JMD,

    Now that must have been a sight. They can be a handful when they set their minds to something.

  5. First a accident right in front of you, and now he's taking off. Fred's turning into quite the lil rebel

  6. All boys like to be bad once in a while, and Fred was just exercising his right to be a bad boy!

  7. Hi Ryan,

    I'm telling you I just don't know what has gotten into him lately. I think he is testing is bounders with me.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I guess so but he better get over it and fast.

  8. Run, Fred, Run!! But you need to remember to go home after a couple of minutes. You worry your Mom when you do that. That's not a good thing. Believe me, I know from first hand experience. Skittlez is always the good girl at our house. Not me.


  9. I know it scared you but the way you wrote it "decided he needed to run away from home" was funny. Im glad he is now home safe and sound...

  10. Hi Scooter,

    My mom was really mad and happy at the same time. We won't tell her what a good time I had. I heard her calling me... But well, I don't think I will do that again for a very long time.


    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes he is or at least he was. Been very good today.

    Hi Sondra,

    Im glad too he has been very sorry today. I opened the gate off the porch and told him to go in the yard he looked out there then back and me and thought NO Don't thinks so not today.

  11. Glad you nipped Fred's wanderlust in the bud. Funny little guy!
    I don't worry about Sunny deliberately running off, but since he can't see or hear, he gets confused and sometimes wanders toward the road. I'm also going to have to keep a leash on him whenever he goes outside.

    Sorry about the theft. Some people think that if you put something on the net it's fair game. I suspect that most of them don't care. I found a place selling herbs and supplements using one of my photos one time. Just gives you an idea of their business knowledge and ethics.

  12. Hi Sharon,

    I tell you that took another 5 yrs off my old self just what I didn't need.

    I was really shocked that this person didn't acknowledge that I was not to happy about the sharing. I have been adding my name to all my pictures and it is going to take along time a very long time. And with you it was a company those are not good ethics at all.