Thursday, April 2, 2015

Feeling Like Gumby

Today I had planned on relaxing on the porch listening to the water flowing over in the fountain. Of course that didn't happen.

Grandson called needing a shovel to clean the yard at the house they moved out of. So I loaded it into the truck and picked him up at his mom's house.  Was already dreading to see what condition his ex left the house. Well outside of a ton of trash and filthy bathrooms and kitchen it wasn't to bad. But why someone who never has kept anything clean take all the cleaning supplies, broom, trash can I mean all of it even the hoe he bought to clean the yard. 
So off I went to the Dollar Tree and bought all the supplies, thank heavens for the Dollar Tree he even got change back. In the mean time Anthony started  gathering all the trash that was left in piles all over the house. 

I poured Lysol with bleach in the toilets and moved on to the kitchen. I just don't understand how hard is it to wipe down a counter and stove top. I was amazed the fridge wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

Anthony cleaned the bathrooms and made sure there wasn't anything left in closets then swept the house down. We put all the trash in bags and put as much as we could into the trash can. The pastor at the church and also the landlord said to use the dumpster at the church. We got there just as they were emptying it out wish we would have gotten there first. Oh well at least that is all cleaned up now.

I took lots of pictures of the place after we finished cleaning so they can't say it was left dirty. As a matter of fact it's cleaner than when they moved in.

So now my arms are feeling like clay like Gumby's did and my feet are really throbbing. And tomorrow is exercise class at 9 am. OH Joy. But I will be there.

Good Night All


  1. Oh lordy, what a mess. Glad you were gracious enough to help.

  2. Jo, I hope the exercise class will help work some of the stiffness and soreness out.

    My favorite remedy is a nice hot bubblebath. :)

  3. The exercise class is just what you need as it will give you energy. Keep being positive and tell yourself, "I feel great!", even if you're not sure you do.

  4. How does "can I borrow a shovel" suddenly become you doing the funny how that happens isnt it...happens to me all the time. Well think of it this way a FREE afternoon of physical exercise and you helped someone who needed some help. Good JOB!!

  5. When i rented my house, there was just 2 that didn't leave it horrible. The worst was the one that bought it, then quit making payments.

  6. Hi JMD,

    Hope it's the last time or I should wear a stamp on my forehead that reads SUCKER! LOL

    Hi Sharon,

    I'm sure it will I don't feel so bad today and I think it's because I have started to exercise.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I'm ready to go this morning, Thanks for the encouragement. And I do feel better even thought it has only been a week.

    Hi Sondra,

    haha the next time I will just throw the shovel out the window and keep going. And yes even though I was sore it was a great upper body work out for sure.

    Hi Trouble,

    I had rental property for a short time and not one person ever left it the way they found it. Sold that as fast as I could.

  7. Oh gosh Jo, I have lots of stamp marks on my forehead from all the years. They eventually fade, or so I was told.

  8. Hi JMD,

    i hope so and soon