Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It was exercise morning and that went well.

Ran home and change out bags to go to crochet class. 

As I was leaving the weather seemed so nice I knew I needed some porch time. So got a cup of coffee and Fred and I went out to enjoy some outside time.

Then my stomach was telling me it was time for lunch so in I came Fred didn't want to so he stayed out.

I made a salad and used some new dressing I bought Raspberry Merlot wow was that good. 

Then like a shot the wind came up and Fred figured he wanted in. Had a couple pretty tough gusts out there. All seems calm now and I hope it will stay that way tomorrow morning so I can run a few errands 

Good Night All


  1. I wish I could use my porch more often. In Sacramento it is usually too chilly in the morning, ok at midday for a short time, and then unbearably hot.

  2. Would love to sit out on my patio, but mosquitoes show up early here.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    I often wondered why you never mentioned sitting out. Of course as summer progresses I won't be able to sit out there. I even tried using a fan to move the air but it didn't help at all.

    Hi Trouble,

    darn mosquitoes are a real pain I put some plants out in pots to keep them away it didn't really work so I just apply some repellant

  4. When we really enjoy our deck is watching summer sunsets and then watching evening coming on. Sometimes we see bats. And it's also fun watching the hummingbirds trying to get in a few last sips before bedtime.

    We discovered that right after the hummingbirds bed down for the night is when the chorus of crickets start.

    Also there are a lot fewer fireflies than there were when I was a kid. And their flight path is different, too. Years ago they flew so low that we kids could catch them and put them in jars. Now they seem to like just below treetop level best.

    So glad you mentioned porch time. Now I am looking forward to ours a little later in the season. :)

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I used to be able to see the sun set from my porch but problems with a neighbor caused me to put privacy slats across the side. But I still love sitting out there watching the hummers too.

    We don't have fire flies here but remember them well as a child. Catching them was so much fun.

    I have planted a few things in pots that are supposed to keep away skeeters but don't know if they are working or not yet.

    Hope you get to enjoy your porch.

  6. Doing almost nothing can be a good thing.

  7. Hi Phyllis,

    Once in a while but I was getting into a little to much so exercise class was a must. glad I joined feeling much better

  8. Raspberry merlot sounds incredible!