Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Done

Today was the baby shower. Lots of great gifts to help them get going for the twins. Plenty of wipes and diapers. I think I am getting to old to deal with running an screaming kids. Lord I thought I was going to go mad.

My granddaughter Alexis on the right 
 My grandson Eric and his girl friend Christian

Grandson Micheal and his soon to be wife Paula and their little girl

 Mom and Dad of the twins Amanda n Alonzo

Amanda, Marcello and Alonzo loved the picture frame to bad I couldn't fix it to close  out the outside stuff

Granddaughter Aliya

So now all I have to do is finish up with Dr. apt. and I am hitting the road for the Mountains and a much needed attitude adjustment.

Tomorrow I will back into the driveway and get things done in the camper. I have some new LED lights to hang up and check the clothes supply. I still want to shampoo the rug in there.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend be safe and Don't Drink n Drive.

Good Night All


  1. Have a wonderful camping trip. You've been waiting long enough for it!

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you I sure have been waiting a long time.

  3. With running and screaming kids, im outa there.

  4. Hi Trouble,

    Believe me that's what I was feeling.

  5. I agree, nature is a wonderful attitude adjuster. Sounds like just the ticket. When are the twins due? Be sure to take lots of pictures!!

  6. Hi Karen,

    I don't think I will be here when they are born. If the little girl doesn't turn around a c section is scheduled for June 26, and I will be in the mountains then if she turns then when they come on their own. But I'll take pictures when I get back for sure.

  7. Im outta there with screaming kids too...just don't have the tolerance not that I ever did---so where exactly are you headed..IM excited for you!

  8. Hi Sondra,

    Today's parents are oblivious to what there kids are doing. there was this maybe 16 mth running all over the place with a pen in her hand, all I could do was hold my breath. These kids drove me nuts. If it wasn't for my granddaughter I wouldn't even have gone. What ever happened to the baby showers where only women went and rarely a kid was there and the men did their own thing?

    I'm heading to northern AZ's White Mountains where I used to spend my summers. I miss it so much up there. If it was for the bitter cold I would move there.

  9. What a beautiful family - I hope the birth goes well...

  10. stole the pic of eric (benny jr hahahaha)