Monday, June 1, 2015

A Name Change?

I took off this morning to see the babies finally. When I got to the hospital I asked how to get to Diamond Center for Children and was told I was at the wrong hospital. Great but the name she gave me didn't ring a bell, at that point if they would have said UMC I would have known right away but she kept repeating Banner Medical. By know it was blazing hot and I headed in the direction she gave me only to come to road work. So I turned up and headed to the main drag and at the light I called my daughter and asked where the hell am I going and looking for? UMC OK now I know. I had to park my truck on the upper level as it was to high to fit in the underground garage. It was even hotter now. Well I sure got my vitamin d fix today  and I must have walked a mile to get to the NICU. But it sure was worth it. The babies didn't look all that small in the pictures but right there..... They are so tiny and Jazmine is really small. But they are perfect and today they come off the IVs as they finally started to nurse today. Also while I was there big brother finally got to meet his sister and brother for the first time. He was so excited.

Now that I have bored you all to death here are just a few new pictures

Little Alonzo

A smiling Jazmine
 Her aunt Debbie trying to wake Jazmine up not happening

After being fed Alonzo get his Fluorescent treatment, I just love that little mask

Marcello meeting his sister for the first time he just couldn't get over how little she was.

Daddy, Marcello and Jazmine

Marcello seeing his brother for the first time and wondering why he is wearing a mask 

Good Night All


  1. Adorable Jo! I am so excited for you.

  2. Wow twins how fun is that going to be? Love their names...

  3. Beautiful babies! Glad you made it in all the heat and aggravation. Seeing those babies was worth it, though.

  4. Hi Rue,

    Thank you.

    Hi Sondra,

    I sure don't know how I would handle two at a time, but Amanda is a great mom and I know she will do well. She will have lots of help from family and her husband has been really good.

    Hy Gypsy,

    Yes seeing them and holding them made it very much worth it.

  5. WOW! Beautiful family! The pics are all great. Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you. Heading up the mountain finally on the 14th. Will be at Fool Hollow until the 17th and then up to Big Lake for who knows how long.

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you. It was hard to pick out just enough pictures and not over due hahaha

  7. Sweet pics! What a lovely family. They will have their hands full.

  8. Sweet pics! What a lovely family. They will have their hands full.

  9. Hi Karren,

    Thank you and yes they will but their great parents and will do just fine with a little help and they have more than a little LOL

  10. Baby pics are not boring at all.