Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting To Do List Going

Today it cooled down to 99 yippee. 

I got all today's list finished nice and early. Went to Walgreen's picked up the bone meds cost .62 and talked to them about the prices and why was a generic drug over $40. no answer but said she would run for me again. No don't bother don't need it anymore. But that was an indication they made a mistake on the price. I said this is starting to get out of hand on trying to figure out why things are priced the way they are. About an hour later I get a call that my prescription was delayed? what prescription? Haven't heard anymore from them today.

Then on down the road to get the truck washed. On to Goodwill to see if I could find one of those big tins from popcorn but they didn't have one so I got the biggest one they had. I want to keep Fred's food in a tin to lessen the smell while out in the woods. Then over to Walmart and got everything on my list and nothing more. Very proud of myself for that one.

Came back to the house and put things away. Ran over to my friends house to pick a key she had for my house and was home and done with all my chores by 12:30

The pictures below are of an aquarium at the hospital, love saltwater aquariums

Good Night All


  1. Good on ya for not over shopping at Wally World! Hard to do sometimes!

  2. Hi Jim,

    Yes it is I do it all to often.

  3. I hate dealing with pharmacies. I started getting a three month supply of my meds through Express Scripts - at least I won't have to deal with them as often. Is the bone medicine for osteoporosis?

  4. 3 months cost the same as 1, here.
    Love that aquarium.

  5. Hi Diva,

    I used to get them by mail then started having trouble with them no following directions and I wasn't getting my meds. Seems Walgreens is having some issures with not following directions now too. I do get 3 months supply on most of them.
    Yes the meds are for osteoporosis.

    Hi Trouble,

    I wish that was the case here. I used to get Crestor 3 mth for 6.30. now it costs me 146.

  6. If I were you I would find a different pharmacy. For anyone who is a member at Costco, I find their service and prices to be excellent. I think you can use the Costco pharmacy without a membership, but I doubt you'd get the member's price.

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    Not a member was going to join but the price didn't make it worth it. Maybe I might rethink that.

  8. Pharmaceuticals are robber barons!
    Glad you stuck to your list...I've got lists laying everywhere so I need to consolidate into ONE!!

  9. Hi Sondra.

    Yes they are there is a list somewhere that gives you the actual price of each pill and it is nowhere near what they charge.

    I have to stick to my list so I have money for my trip LOL