Thursday, June 4, 2015

Little Cooler Day

Today was a little over cast and breezy so kept the temps down.

Went to my mechanic to get the safety check and oil changed. All passed so another thing to check off the list. 

I stopped at a 2nd hand store out that way to check for the popcorn tin. I didn't think they would have one since it's a high end store. I had to drag myself out of there since I found a few things I would love to have.

I took a chance and called my friend Rose, to ask her if she had one. Yes she did and was thinking about getting rid of it just yesterday. So  now I have wanted and it was free. 

Tomorrow morning Fred goes in for his rabies shot. Then I am finished with the running until the end of next week when I get a hair cut and follow up on my eye.

Now I need to start gathering up the gear in the shed and check the kitchen bin to see if it is stocked well.

Good Night All


  1. Once, at Xmas, i was buying one of those tins, at Walmart, and it was stacked on the wall about 20 ft up, they rounded up a ladder and got it for me, and when i was going thru the check out, i told them i wanted another,,,,joking,,, lol.

  2. Hi Trouble,

    Often wonder why they do put things so high, but in this day try to find someone who will help you is never easy

  3. I have a plastic "thingy" I keep Cali's dog food in. It's narrow and tall so I keep it behind the driver's seat in my RV. I'm trying to get things checked off my list too so I can leave for the summer.

  4. Hi Diva,

    Since I don't have an RV I must keep things that may allow food smells to escape in tin cans or glass. I have so much stuff behind the seats of the truck already LOL I hope I can get my rod back there. This is going to be the longest camping trip in my camper which is very small going to take some really tight packing.

  5. Diva that should have read so I have to keep smelly stuff in tin or glass

  6. Well I don't know if there will be raccoon or bear where you'r going so its a very good idea to keep the smell down..My friend is coming with me, and Im already a bit worried she is NOT a seasoned camper I don't eat meat but she does she said she is bringing canned Tuna...UGHHH the smelliest thing on the planet! I hope this trip will give her an idea of what its all about.

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Yes bears, raccoon, skunks you name it they all live there. TUNA! I love Tuna and only pack some in foil pouches for and emergency protein if stranded. Hope it all works out and she learns much from you.