Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Warm One

The morning was beautiful and cool again but it doesn't last long. So after feeding Fred and myself, I took off to return a fan I bought last week that the base didn't fit. The girl never asked what was wrong with it and just gave me my money back. Kind of makes you wonder how many have been returned already.

Then on to Wally World for grocery shopping. Picked up most of the essentials and didn't go searching around for anything that was not on my list.

By time I left the store the heat was up. I sure was wanting some good refreshing water with lemon, cucumbers and lime. OOPS forgot the lemon so I ran to Safeway and picked up a couple.

Out side of a few short walks with Fred there wasn't much else I felt like doing. I did start working on a baby hat.

Tomorrow I need to pick up some meds at Walgreen's but I think I will stop at Show Low Lake for some picture taking, maybe stop at a few more lakes on the way back.

We had some thunder an lightening this evening but it blew over.
This may be the start of the monsoons already.

Good Night All


  1. They are talking about the monsoons moving in later this week down here in the valley. Not a lot of rain yet but definitely getting more saturated air. We don't do much during the days either. Watch a lot of movies.

  2. We need some rain right now to break this heat wave! Your cool drink sounds refreshing!

  3. Water from Nogales (elev. 3835), will drain to Tucson (elev. 2643), then to Phoenix (elev. 1117), then southwest to Yuma. The Santa Cruz River starts east of Patagonia, flows south into Mexico, the turns north, crosses back into the U.S thru Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma, and back into Mexico, if there was enough water to flow all the way. So Tucson, being 1500 ft higher than Phoenix, is generally about 5 degrees cooler than Phoenix.