Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dang Fred!

Today was looking like a decent day cooler temps. Had some things I needed to get done so I started to get ready.

I got a text from Lucy wanting to know if I was up yet. hahah She came up from Tucson this morning.(I am staying at her place )

So I made extra breakfast and fed Fred. Off we went to run the errands and I thought take some pictures.

We pulled over and I took a picture(haven't loaded it) then pulled into a really nice spot and nothing worked. Figured the battery was dead so we headed home.

It had gotten quite warm in here while we were gone and something in her bag melted on her meds. She was trying to save some and a few flew to the floor. Before she could react Fred was on the scene. Lucy thought she had kicked the pill away but Fred is quick. Lucy even pride his mouth open to make sure he didn't have anything. But Fred rarely chews anything he inhales. We started to keep an eye on him and Lucy did some research on the pill and reactions from it. I noticed he started getting lethargic so I kept waking him up and a call went in to a vet and poison control. They said to try to induce vomiting and make sure he drinks lots of water. He vomited a small amount and did drink lots of water. I picked him up and put him over my knees to more or less feel for his heart rate when he really let it go with lots of vomit followed by lots of water. We then took him out and had him walk around. I figured if we made him move the lethargy would move out of him. We came back and he seemed to be coming around. A little while later we took another longer walk and he perked up really good. Thank Heavens he is all right. Little Shit. Lucy was beside herself with guilt, but things happen it was not intentional and Fred is like a 3 yr old kid.

Maybe tomorrow will be a much better day.

Good Night All 


  1. Dogs really are like little kids. I had a friend whose black lab ate an entire bag of dried beans. The only thing the vet said was "Don't give him any water!" In that case it would have been disastrous if the beans had started to swell. Glad Fred is ok.

  2. We spend a lot of time looking for Jim's pills that he drops. I hold the girls back while Jim hunts. And don't drop a bite of any food cause it's gone. We had a whole box of peanut brittle fall out of a cupboard and break open. It was a made race to see who could get the most eaten before Mom got it cleaned up. Always have to be on the alert with pups around.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I always say he will always be a 3 yr. old. But he got sick again this morning and is now in the hospital.

    Hi Jim n Sandie,

    Yes it is a race and the Vet said before he goes home he and I will learn Learn the leave it command. But I had my back turned so it was to late anyway. He looked so sad when they took him from me.

  4. OH No so sorry to read this hope he is going to be okay, WE have the same problems here with Flossie, not only when Mom drops pills but those small hearing aid batteries, She will "leave it" tho if we catch her in time. Keep us posted.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    They called said he is doing much better and has started to come around since being hydrated. I can pick him up at 5 if he keeps improving but they will leave the IV tap in just in case. If all goes well they will remove it in the morning.

  6. So sorry to hear of Fred's mishap. I refer to it as, enhanced taste buds. If I eat it, it may taste good and I would have given myself a treat. Got to try it!!!

  7. Hi Rue,

    Scary stuff with these little critters.