Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All Better

Went to do the laundry around 6 am. While waiting for the dryer to finish Lucy came running in saying Fred was really sick worse than last night. Sure glad she was here in my absence. She stayed with the clothes and I ran home and picked him up and off we went to the vet. He was in bad shape. He had stopped vomiting by then but was very week and dehydrated. So I had to leave him there so they could do an IV. They called a few hours later to let me know he was doing better and I could pick him up around 5. They called again and said to come at 4:30 instead so we could go over a few things. Fred will be on a special diet for a few days with a special food so his stomach has time to adjust again. They sent me home with 2 cans of food. He is only allowed small amounts of water at a time also. But he is his happy self and was the hit of the Vet's office. As week as he was he still had a tail wag for everyone as the day went on and they worked their miracles with him. Want to thank everyone for all the well wishes for Fred.

We had quite a storm today and the temps dropped to 58 degrees. It felt great but I did have to close some windows.

Hoping for a much better day around here tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. So glad Fred is finally doing better, poor baby. It's so scary when they are sick. Temps haven't dropped down here. We had some wind this afternoon but that was about it.

  2. Best news I've had in a while! Fred's OK, and you got a break from the heat. Hopefully, you can get some much deserved rest.

  3. Glad that Fred is bertter and things are cooler if even for a short while!

    Take care, my friend!

  4. Hi Jim An Sandie,

    What a relief that he is his old pesty self again. He is getting way to spoiled with all this attention.

    Hi Rue,

    It is so good to see him running around and wanting so much attention again.

    Hi Jim my Friend,

    Things like this are so scary I'm to old for this haha Hope it stays this cool it is the reason for coming up here.

    Thank You all for your concerns an well wishes Fred thanks you too

  5. So sorry about Fred, but sooooo glad he's getting better. Now, what kind of pill did he eat? wow

  6. Good news and glad you got some cooling rain.

  7. Hi Trouble,

    It was a medication used for Parkinsons and restless leg bad stuff for a dog or cat. Thanks for your wishes.

    Hi Ryan,

    He is and back to his trouble maker self. Thanks.

    Hi Sondra,

    It sure was good news and the rain was great.