Thursday, June 25, 2015

Show Low Lake

This morning it was in the high 50's and absolutely beautiful. Had to wear a flannel shirt for a little while. 

Fred was feeling really good and very playful today so all is well.

I need to run to Walmart again for a few things and decided to stop at Show Low Lake with the camera this time. I was also going to go to Rainbow Lake and the Post Office.

I was wondering what the poor people where doing today, then I remembered I was standing there taking these pictures 

These next shots were taken from tent camping sites really nice views

They have fire pits picnic tables and the restrooms are off to the side

After I left here I missed the turn for Rainbow Lake and totally forgot about going to the post office until I parked the truck at the trailer. I brought everything is the house and put things away. I really needed to go to the Post Office so I loaded Fred into the truck and off we went to the lake, great I left the camera home. So off we went to the Post Office. Tomorrow is another day.

Good Night All


  1. Happy to hear everything is back to normal with Fred.

  2. Happy to hear everything is back to normal with Fred.

  3. Looks like a really nice lake!!

  4. Lol Kinda makes yah wonder what the poor people are doing. Have a Uncle back in Iowa who says that. Usually get my water at the Show Low Lake campground.

  5. Glad to hear hat Fred is doing so much better. Hopefully he won't be so quick to eat any pills in the future.
    Equally glad to see you enjoying what nature has to offer us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Hi Rue,
    Thank you and so am I.

    Hi Sondra,
    It is a very large lake that goes rather far, a place I used to be able to go is no longer passable since it isn't a town cared for road.

    Hi Ryan,

    I was checking out the campgrounds there. Going to do a one day trip to Greer Monday to see about my friends place as a possible stay. Then check out Big Lake doubt I will do any camping but never know.

    Hi Rick n Kathy,
    Oh he hasn't learned anything and I am working on LEAVE IT!

    Yes it is very beautiful up here.