Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cold n Damp

Woke up to 53 degrees this morning. The high today was 70 and didn't last very long. We had mostly clouds and rain with some thunder. Sun was out for short periods. The dampness is what is so hard to take.

I'm glad that when I pack up the camper I always bring clothes for all kinds of weather. So with Lucy's help we got out the rest of my sweats and the thermal shirts along with warmer socks. My feet have been really cold as the floors are always cold. Then I rememberd I had some of those cheap rubber sandels and pulled them out of the camper too. They sure did help.

Tomorrow hope to get out for a while and do some shopping for veggies.

I managed 3 walks today with Fred so that means the breathing is getting better again. If it hadn't rained so much we may have gone out a few more times. I know the more I move the better off I will be.

Good Night All


  1. I;ve been veggin out way too much lately hoping for a cooler day but it hasn't come yet...somewhere between your weather and mine is the perfect day!

  2. Loving the rain and cool weather up here! Glad to hear the breathing's better

  3. Hi Sondra,

    I hope your perfect day comes soon. Must be tough trying to work on the project house in that heat and humidity.

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes I am loving the weather too. Had a problem this morning but once the sun cleared away some of the humidity it was much better.