Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rain, Lunch, Bird Houses, Hummers

2 am this morning a very strong storm hit. I listened for awhile then fell back to sleep. It was still raining when I awoke at 5 am. It continued to rain most of the day.

I ran to the bank this morning and hurried home to be ready to go to lunch with a large group of women. I knew some but not all. It was fun and the food was very good. While eating a huge rain burst out of it's cloud, it rained so hard it looked more like snow coming down. Luckily it stopped when we finished up to leave.

No sooner did we get home when more thunder started and more rain.

My friend Lucy made  adorable vintage trailer bird houses she will be selling soon.

The hummers have started coming to the feeder now the motor next to us has left.

Had to make these trenches last rain as the rain had been running right for the front door. As you can see it worked to keep the water away

Hello there Rufus, these guys are really tough and will chase away the larger hummers

These little bird houses are  so cute they even have an a/c on the roof

Been a long day today but a fun one.

Good Night All


  1. Those birdhouses sure are cute!

  2. Hi Judy,

    I let Lucy know. She made a dog house like for Fred. Lots of talent

  3. That is a cute little birdhouse. I'd wish we had the rain, but I'm always afraid my roof is going to leak.

  4. Love those bird houses, Ive sold some resin ones on Ebay, they sell very well!

  5. HI Gypsy,

    Yes they are adorable I have one I bought years ago but I may buy another one from her. Didn't you have your roof coated? I should be fine.

    Hi Sondra,

    I'll let her know I would love to see Lucy make some money on all her beautiful crafts.