Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rainbow Lake

Another beautiful day on the mountain. Great temps around 80 perfect.

So off I went to pick up my meds at Walgreen's then off to Rainbow Lake. I was shocked at the mess just like Woodland Lake.
All kinds of algae was growing in the water all the way out into the lake, not to mention the garbage in the water and tall weeds. A few years ago they talked about a way to clear this up. Either they never did or it didn't work.

Then headed to the Post Office to start having my mail forwarded up here, glad that is taken care of.

Hit up a second hand store and bought a small item that I really didn't have yet. I walked away a few times but for $2. I just couldn't leave it behind.

Took some good walks today so the breathing is getting so much better.

A few years ago I took a picture right here at sunrise and it was so pristine and beautiful.

 This is so sad to see all this junk in the water

you can see the algae in the water out towards the middle

 And my little treasure find for today

Good Night All


  1. Love your treasure is it a cheese or butter plate? I see signs on most lakes here about rinsing boats off after each use to stop spreading invasive plants, but duck weed as we have around here is so small the ducks carry it from pond to pond on their bodies...AND eventually algae bloom kills all other plant life on the bottom on the lake or pond..not a good thing.
    Glad you got your mail forwarded and now you won't need to worry about it.

  2. Hi Phil,
    Welcome to my blog. It is a cheese plate.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes invasive plants got into this lake. They were going to bring in carp or some such thing which would be another thing that didn't belong in that lake. So who knows what the story is. I think I will make a stop at Fish n Game to find out.

  3. Our beautiful planet is being destroyed, and the helpless animals can't do anything about it.

  4. Hi Rue,

    I know it is so sad. So many talk the talk but don't do the walk