Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scott's Resevoire

Another beautiful day, so it was time to retrace my steps of the lost pictures.

Went back to Scott's Reservoir and it sure was nice. Lots of folks out in canoes, row boats an Kayaks. Some fishing, some just paddling around.

But then some clouds started to build and pretty fast at that. So I took my pictures and moved on to try an get some wild flowers.  But the pull offs weren't wide enough and there was way to much traffic to just slow down enough. 

Next try was to re photo the flag over the hospital. The wind was coming from  the wrong direction and the flag would get wrapped around the pole. While some shots were taken they just didn't work like the other day when I was able to get the mountains behind it.

The trees were full of these berry's or what ever they are

The clouds are building and causing all the different shadows

I just know he wishes we would go away and leave him in his hidey hole 

I believe these are Cormorants and maybe what I had the other day also

As the clouds were moving in it was hard to find my target but just love the mirrored clouds in the water

Good Night All


  1. Great place to get pics...always a good reason to return. Clouds give lots of possibilities to pics. Wait a couple of minutes and the whole mood of the picture changes.

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  3. Enjoyed your photos. Good to see you out and about.

  4. Were all the campsites full? Gotta make a run to town next week. Great pics!

  5. Hi Karen,

    Yes it just kept changing and I was having so much fun with it.

    Hi Momi,

    It was great to finally get on the move again Love these Mountains and Lakes.

    Hi Ryan,

    There were some empty sites still. The lake is up and you could see fish coming up to the top. Didn't seem to be to many noseeums either. Bathrooms are clean too. Let me know when you come down

  6. Love the clouds and reflections and the flowers too!! Hope you're ready for a peaceful weekend...

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Thanks I really like this spot they have 5 day free camping. I'll probably hang out here at the trailer to many people come up on the weekends, enjoy your too

  8. The clouds and reflection in the water photo looks like a work of art.

  9. Hi Gypsy,

    Isn't it great, thank you I just love capturing reflections