Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Other Side

The day dawned chilly and cloudy. But to sit around another day was not in the cards I needed out.

So I grabbed the camera and set out for the other side of Woodland Lake.

Since we have had so much rain the lake was up and lots of people were on the other side. Even on what I call the back side lots of people were walking the trail around the the lake which i believe is a mile. There were people in the ball fields too. 

After taking pictures I headed for the second hand store to see if they had any free stuff, like onions or other veggies but they didn't. I then went to the pawn shop to see what they had. I didn't see anything to catch my eye, not like I need anything anyway. The last time we went there I noticed a little coffee shop at the end of the strip mall. I went in and ordered a large ice coffee and they had small bags for $4. so I grabbed one to see how it will taste. The iced coffee was delicious. The bag of coffee smelled so good too.

It looked like it might start raining so I headed back to the trailer. I was happy to have gotten out for the 2hrs I was gone.

These kids were on the other side of the lake
 You can barely see the dock back there no zoom on this at all

I tried to keep these in order as I zoomed in but blogger wasn't having it

I didn't see this bird when I took this shot

This is with the 50x zoom while standing in the same place as the other shot. When I was here last time no one was fishing no one was here it was sad. But its looking better

I didn't see the bee until I just enlarged this picture amazing what I pick up with this camera
Good Night All


  1. i love bodies of all water. looks like your having fun. good pics

  2. Hi Princess
    The lakes are looking better now that there has been so much rain. But I miss everybody and all the babies

  3. ITS very hot here today IM staying inside went out to put water out for the birds and thats it...Tomorrow i have to go to the Highway dept so Ill brave the heat then I guess. The lake looks wonderful...

  4. Hi Sondra,

    I guess I'll be facing that heat pretty soon when I head home. We had steady rain last night but a really nice cool day today. Hope you fair well tomorrow