Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Choice

Today I had to bite the bullet and go grocery shopping. When you open the fridge door and all you see are water bottles an condiments it's time. I usually go at 9 am on Sunday as there never has been anyone in the store. Well someone must have sent out the memo. While I was lucky enough to park close to the store and get my shopping done the lines were really full. I hate self check outs but was heading there when the store manager was walking by. Told him they need more cashiers and I hate self check outs. No problem he said I'll check you out. And he did. So off I went and it sure turned hot by time I left the store.

I had to stop at Walgreen's to pick something up and the price was up by $5. WTH! Every time I pick something up it's a different price. Tomorrow I am going to call United Health Care and I want to know what is up with this crap.

Tomorrow morning I am going for my tests. I will be so happy to get this over with already.

After doing my shopping and hauling it into the house I was done and had to take Tylenol. My daughter scolded me good. But that poor kid lives all the way on the other side of town and is the Taxi Mom. I hate to have her drive all the way here to unload groceries. While I love the visit with her I just feel like if she can earn a day of rest I want her to have it.

Good Night All


  1. You're as stubborn as I am - I'll lift heavy things in and out of my car if no one is there to help me. I hate to have my kids make a trip for something like that. Hope you are soon able to know the results of your tests and can started on the road to health.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    I guess we learned a long time ago to do for our selves. Thank you and I am so ready for answers.

  3. So hoping that you do get answers and soon. With Jim's back bothering him I'm hauling stuff too. Thank goodness I'm still able.

  4. As you know, we have to take life one step at a time. Just don't push those steps by lifting something you shouldn't.

  5. Hi Sandie,

    Just be careful don't need you hurting too.

    Hi Phyllis,

    This is a lesson I still need to learn unfortunately But right now not doing any thing else. My daughter is coming tomorrow to help move stuff so they can get the rugs cleaned Thurs.