Monday, August 17, 2015

Slower Day

Woke up at 4 am in lots of pain in the rib area. Yes did way to much yesterday.

I went to sit on the porch and was surprised to see the hummers already at the feeders. I guess there isn't much out there with this heat and no rain for them.

But the heat and mostly the humidity drove me in the house really fast.

I was going to go grocery shopping today but thought better of it and just took it easy most of the day. No Tylenol was needed so that was a good thing.

Good Night All


  1. I've noticed my hummers are at the feeder very early in the morning. I think it's so relaxing to watch them.

    I hope you take it easier until you feel better and the weather eases up. There are lots of things you can let go for a short period. Being retired means you don't have to do anything on schedule if you don't feel like it!

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Love watching them too.

    I took it very easy yesterday and I will today too but must go shopping. I'll wait until all the school buses are off the road.

  3. One of our young male hummers hit the window and sadly he didnt survive,,,,it was so upsetting. Take it easy! everything will wait.

  4. Hi Sondra,

    How sad for him. Some times the way they chase each other makes me fear they will fly into the window to do battle.
    I know I need to take it easy but it sure is taking a long time for this to go away.

  5. It is fiendishly hot here.

  6. Hi JMD,

    Fiendishly - good word to describe this heat for sure.

  7. Where we are parked now, I got out my feeder this morning. Yup, didn't take long. See? Even NJ has hummingbirds.

  8. Hi Phyllis,

    It's been such a long time since I have been there I don't remember hummers there. But that doesn't mean I didn't see them alwasy so buy with lots of kids