Sunday, August 16, 2015

Might Slow Down

I filled the humming bird feeders this morning, and sat out for a bit. But by 7:30 am it was already to hot.

I was going to go to breakfast with my daughter but she over slept and I was OK with that. I made an omelet and did some laundry. 

Had a little more pain today so I figured I was pushing it a bit to much to fast.

I started to gather up some yarn I will donate to the crochet class as I have way to much. That really caused some pain with all the bending so just quit and took some Tylenol.

A little while later I got a text from my daughter letting me know she was on her way with lunch. What a surprise when the little guy came walking in with a huge smile and a great hug. It was my great grandson Anthony. It sure was great to see him. He was explaining all about this movie he was watching on his Nana's phone. 

We took a ride to Anna's linens since they are all going out of business. They had lots of bed in the bag stuff and they weren't very cheap. We left as the store was packed and we didn't really see anything we wanted anyway. 

By now I was really not feeling to great so I retreated to my chair.

A little while later Anthony's dad Anthony showed up after he got off work with little Arianna. What a beautiful baby she is. Smiling and checking everything out. They stayed for a while and it was so good to see them all today.

When they left it was time for more Tylenol so I know I need to slow down some. I haven't had to take so many Tylenol in a week.

But it was a great weekend and I was happy to see some of my family again.

Good Night All


  1. Please don't overdo the Tylenol - it's bad for your liver.

  2. Yes my doctor says the amount on the label is too much. 1 1/2 capsule at a time. Family days are always Good!

  3. Yes my doctor says the amount on the label is too much. 1 1/2 capsule at a time. Family days are always Good!

  4. Pain is such a PIA literally right? I had so much pain to overcome after my injury and still i PAY for every thing I do with pain the next day. I swap around, Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, and Asprin. The Dr gave me more heavy duty stuff Tramadol, and Mobic, but those affect my head---so only when its severe do I take those. Hope you get some relief soon. Don't forget the heat & Ice too I put cold packs on my hands when they ache it relieves the inflammation.

  5. Tylenol made my feet swell, what my heart doc told me. Taking it daily.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I know how bad Tylenol is but I can't take anything that has asprin. I try not to over due it but when your in pain gotta do something.

    Aleve, Advil and Aspring give me internal hives also external and I don't mean just a slight rash we're talking bad, bad stuff.

    I sure paid for all the fun I had this weekend and some not so fun things so today I will take it really slow