Saturday, August 15, 2015

Another Good Day

My youngest daughter stopped by this morning for a visit. Tomorrow she will pick me up and we will go have breakfast and do just a little shopping. I see she already did some today as she has been losing weight and needed some new close. I'm so happy for her. Before she left she put the shop vac on the porch for me.

Later this afternoon my other daughter and her husband stopped by and we went out for dinner. And we sat and visited for awhile. She had spotted some weeds and out the door she went to pull weeds, what a kid.

After they left I went out and vacuumed the porch down it was so dirty and the cushions on the chairs had so much dirt on them. I have been wanting to sit out there early in the morning to have my coffee before it gets to hot to be outside. Now I can. 

Earlier I noticed that part of the fence was coming away from the post, so I put some bungee cords on it so Mr. Fred doesn't take himself a stroll.

My Tylenol is wearing off and I coughed and that is still a really big problem and brings on a lot of pain. But being able to get out and do some things is really great. I'll be grateful for what ever relief I get.

Good Night All


  1. thanks for dinner we had fun. call me next time you see weeds!!!

  2. Hi Princess, your welcome. thanks for pulling the weeds

  3. I can't sit on my porch because the breeze blows dust up on it constantly. I don't feel like cleaning the chairs so I can sit down for a few minutes!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    That's how my porch it too but I love sitting out there so I vacuumed them up. Can't wait for the cooler weather to spend more time out there.

  5. It sounds like you are battling inflammation, it hurts when you cough. We go out and sit on the front porch when its cool this morning the humidity has me inside!