Friday, September 4, 2015

Small Accomplishments

We are into a little cooler weather for a few days. It sure feels nice.

I went  had my hair cut today and boy was the grey showing after that. The girl said they had a special going for coloring so I took advantage of that. I knew I couldn't lean over the sink to wash it out. My shower is old and the floor was ruined by the past owner. Don't know what they used in it but it just doesn't come up nice an white. So I sure don't want to be rinsing out the dye in there.

Then I went to Safeway to pick up fruit and salads. The grapes looked good and the price was right so I picked up 2 Pd's. They only had 2 salads and they weren't that great looking. So I just picked up some lunch meat and cheese. Stopped at the Starbucks in the front of the store and got a bag of Verona and an iced coffee.

By time I got home I was starting to hurt some so I just put things away and it was lunch time so had a sandwich and sat for a bit.

But things are starting to bug me around here so I started to do some dusting. Got a little of that done but I was also done. Took some Tylenol and sat down. But at least I accomplished some small jobs. I will just have to wait for my daughter to come this weekend. 

Hope you all enjoy this Labor Day and be careful on the roads.

Good Night All


  1. Just don't overdo it. That dust will stillo be around later, right?

  2. Hi Jim,

    All this not being able to do things for such a long time is getting me down and my house is showing the effects too. But yes I have to know when enough is enough.

  3. I slept off and on all day yesterday. That trip (just 75 M) wore me out! Just things i have to do. But,, take your rest whenever it's needed!

  4. Hi Trouble,

    I do I just am not used to living ths way. Guess I should learn to live with it

  5. I guess when you're not feeling well and just sitting around, you tend to notice things that need doing. I remember having pneumonia years ago, and scrubbing the walls & ceiling of the bathroom! I probably would never have been bothered doing it if I had been well, and up and moving around. Take it easy, Jo - everything will wait until you are in better health.

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    This is so true. But my daughter came 7:15 am and saved the day since the company that was due in Tue. are coming today instead. Love that kid don't know what I would do without her.