Saturday, October 24, 2015

New WiFi

I have been thinking about getting rid of Verizon for a long time now. I have had Straight Talk cell service for 5 yrs and never had a problem. So I was thrilled to find out they now did Internet. After receiving a bill for $110. for one month of service from Verizon it was over. 

I paid $49.99 for the Hotspot and $50. for a 5g card that is good for 2 months. If you go over the 5g the only thing that happens is it slows down but there are never anymore charges it is unlimited just like the cell phone, which is 4g and $45. monthly. Everything is unlimited and there are no contracts. 

I was able to set it up by myself which is a feat in itself. I hope I continue to enjoy this service.

Have A Great Day


  1. Good for feels good to have a choice! I am enjoying the Unlimited at my sis's where I am now back at her home...MY blog will be up to date at some point I've been trying to catch it up..

  2. I enjoy having unlimited wifi, but I sure spend too much time on the computer now - way more than I need to!

  3. Hi Sonda,

    I just got sick of them and there overage charges and this last one was doozy. Enjoy your stay with the family.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I am going to try not to spend to much time on the computer since I get nothing done around the house.

  4. We have Verizon but of course with traveling we need a service we can get most everywhere. On our plan two unlimited time phones (not Smart Phones) one tablet a MIFI hot spot with 12 G of data. Twice they have cut our bill by $10.00 a month. And last month upped us from 8G to 12G at no extra cost. Total 154.00 a month plus taxes. But still I watch my usage. I,too, would hate to pay coverage charges.

  5. Hi Pyllis,

    Straight talk works just like verizon. So when I travel I still have internet. So far so good and works the minute I turn it on Verizon did not work in my home.

  6. Jo, where did you get the Straight Talk set-up?