Friday, October 23, 2015

Sunny Skies

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. It was a little cloudy at sunrise. But soon the sky was a beautiful blue. Even with the temps in the low 50's for overnight and early morning. It warmed up to nice mid 70's day.

I figured it was time to get the truck washed. Boy did it need it too. There were just as many rocks inside on the floor than I had in my yard. The blowing dust that settled on the truck in between rains made a muddy mess on the out side and the windows were almost to the point on not being able to see out. It was nice to get back in a nice clean truck. I just need to figure out how to clean the back window and the window to the camper. I can get to the middle slider windows but that's about it.

It feels so good to have all the windows and door open now and get that nice fresh air going through the house. 

This morning before sunrise it was 48 degrees awsome sleeping weather, but it should be in the high 70's today and sunny. 

Need to do some porch cleaning and surely check for weeds again with all the rain.

Have A Wonderful Day


  1. I just swept all the leaves and debris from my driveway, and I don't feel a bit virtuous from all my work!

  2. Made an apple crisp and chicken and rice, washed clothes and I am done! Oh, and got all my hair cut off. :-D

  3. Hi Gypsy an JMD,

    I did none of the cleaning. Shortly after I posted this I was checking my accound and found that Verizon charged me $110. this is only for internet. One of my daughters called and ask me to take her to Walmart and off we went. since I'm not having a very day pain wise I will post about all my new Straight Talk stuff tomorrow