Friday, October 16, 2015


Today was called for more rain. Sunrise was really pretty but it looked like it was clearing up. It clouded over and then cleared most of the morning.

Barb, picked me up and we went to Olive Garden for soup n salad. Love their soups and the salad.

After lunch we hit Michael's so Barb could buy more yarn as we were 6 short on the dish rags for her Christmas project. They had some really beautiful Christmas gift boxes and Barb picked up a few. I bought a thicker G hook for easier holding. I really like these new hooks, they are rubber coated and have more to hold on to.

We also wondered around Kirkland's and I don't even remember what she bought. I was a good girl and bought nothing.

As we headed home the sky looked very threatening and we hoped we would make it before the storm hit. Of course there was so much traffic and the wind started really blowing. But we made it and had time to let Fred out before it hit. It was really raining hard for about an hour or so. The thunder just went on n on, long, loud, rolling thunder.,

I opened the door to the porch to check it out and usually Fred comes running. I turned to look at him and he looked at me like I was crazy and just curled back up into a ball. Silly dog, it isn't that he is afraid of thunder or lightening its the rain.

Good Night All


  1. I can spend hours in a craft store! Fred is a smart cookie he don't want to get wet!!

  2. I wouldn't want to go out to pee in the rain either. When the weather clears though, just get him out fast!

  3. Hi Sondra,

    And they have Holloween villages out and of course the Christmas ones. That stuff will keep me there forever. But their prices are out of control on that stuff.

    Hi Gypsy,

    He has enough awning over the yard to go but I guess he didn't think it was important enough. But he makes mad dashes when he needs too.

  4. Our cat gets under the bed when the thunder and lighting is close. Poor thing.