Wednesday, October 14, 2015


When the mornings are so cool and beautiful its hard to understand that in a few hours it will be 98 degrees. Then tomorrow it will be in the lower 90's. By late tomorrow or early Friday we are going to have more rain. 

Now I understand we always need rain here in the desert but with the threat of an El Nino winter it will be a very rainy season.

With more rain on the way I figured I better get out and cut the ugly weed growing from under my Golden Barrel Cactus. I saw lots of ground cover weeds too. So I got out the sprayer and did the rounds. Especially since I saw the Weed Nazi driving around on her golf cart, her broom must have broken. I know I shouldn't have done this but it needed to be done and I think I'm getting warts on my butt from all the sitting around.

I have been tossing the thought of a short 2 night camping trip the end of the month. I will travel very light. But I will see how it goes by then.  I'll just pay for one night if it  isn't feeling right I will leave since it will be a local campground. If all feels good I will pay for a second night. If this doesn't work out at all then I will break down the camper but continue to look for Van. No point carrying the extra weight around. I will put the futon back in the bedroom in the front where it came from. 

Also did a load of laundry that now needs to be put away. And then call it a day.

Have A Great Day!


  1. I'm going crazy because I haven't been camping at all this year. Thinking about a state park about 1/3 up the mountain to Lake Tahoe, for maybe a weekend in November. I'd like Jeannie & family to join me, but if we can't arrange a date then I'll probably go during the week.

  2. Nice that at least you are finally cooling down.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    I know you haven't camped in a long time. Hope you can get out before the real cold sets in. A family camp out would be great but like you said even going alone will be OK.

    Hi Sue,

    Yes by next week it should start dropping down into the 80's that will be so nice.