Sunday, November 8, 2015

Great Weekend

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I picked up my daughter Tracy, and we went to breakfast. We didn't need to go shopping so we headed for my place. They were having the annual huge yard sale here in the Village, so we walked through there and Tracy, picked up some really good buys. I, didn't buy anything as I, have more than enough junk in my house already. But it was good seeing some of the winter folks again and it just felt plain great to be out and about. 
We then did go back to my house and sat out for a bit and just talked about nothing. I like being able to sit and relax and just talk about what ever we think of.
After taking Tracy, home I, did lots of laundry.

Today I, decided to make some veggie soup so did lots of slicing and dicing. My back starts to let me know it is not happy with all the standing. So I, stopped and sat for awhile until it settled down and I, went back to work.  Got it all into the crock pot and then relaxed for a bit and had some lunch. After finishing I, then cut up the rest of the cauliflower and made that in the micro wave. I'll have to quit making things now as I have run out of room in the fridge or freezer but at least I have lots of good low cal. , healthy meals.

I then started working on the baby blanket for my granddaughter, in CO. who is expecting in Feb. 

The nights haven't been quite as cold as they were so I am happy I didn't have the furnace lit. My, electric bill came way down and that was just great. I, know it will come down even more next month. I will be so happy for some nice low bills for a few months.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too.

Good Night All


  1. Trimming our electric bill is a goal this winter what did you do that helped yours...We are on a co-op but they increased their rates this year..summers its not high but winters..WoW. Im thinking of getting a Mr Buddy for the house I see them in Tractor Supply.

  2. Hi Sondra,

    I quit using the A/C now that it is cool enought to just open windows and doors. Early evenings I turn on ceiling fans for a while seems to get a little warm at that time. I have been reading about others buying the Mr. Buddy for home use. As long as you leave a window opened a crack it should be just fine. When I lived in NJ for a yr. we used kerosene, that was nasty stuff but the house was electric and we know how expensive that is.

  3. I made vegetable soup in the crockpot on Sunday! ha ha we are on the same page or at least the same meal. Next is turkey noodle soup, crock pot of course.

  4. Hi JMD,

    Seems we are on he same page. I'm going to have to stop making stuff until I use up all I have already made. I have no more room