Monday, November 30, 2015

Where Are We Toto?

It sure has been cold here these past few days. The temps have dipped into the high 20's during the night and  60's for the highs of the day. But I don't mind it at all. That's what sweats are for and heavy socks and slippers.

Went to the Mission on Saturday and found that they were having a little craft show. Of course mostly jeweler but were talking Indian hand make jewelery such beautiful stuff. But my budget doesn't allow for such prices. My main reason for going was to drop off a ring that needed to have the band fixed. I have been carrying this ring around for a couple years trying to find a silversmith and there was one right there all this time. They will call me when it is done. I love this ring and bought soon after moving here 41 yrs ago.

Sunday went to breakfast with my daughter and then to the .99 store to pick up a few things.

Today pretty much did things around the house.

Tried to get the problem with transfering pictures of the camera to the laptop and we didn't have any luck. It has something to do with windows 10. I have heard others are having various problems with there uploading and downloading since changing to 10 going to have to come up with something soon.

Good Night All


  1. Maybe you can use the wire that came with the camera? My sister had problems using the SD card even in a card reader but when she used the wire it worked. We have fog and clouds today not very mood usually matches the sky!

  2. Hi Sondra,
    tried that nothing. My friend came today and spent 2 hrs. So he downloaded the canon DVD and it worked once and then the dang windows ten over road it. But he messed around and found a way to transfer but it is going to be a pain in the neck.