Sunday, December 13, 2015

Almost Done

Our nice 70s weather has flow the coop. It has been in the 50s but I don't mind I really am enjoying it.

I moved things around yesterday so I could put up the tree. I finished that job and was happy with it. wrapped a few more small gifts but haven't put them under the tree yet.

Fred has been really good about not touching any of the snowmen under the tree, even when I went out for a while this morning.

After I finished picking up my ring, I decided to put some lights out in the front of the house. Maybe tomorrow after I get home from doing a little more shopping I will put out more stuff.

I came in and did more things in the house. It's a pain to have to find places to put the usual things in order to put Christmas decorations around. Then when you sit down you realize it will all have to be changed around again in a couple of weeks.

Anyway it livens the place up a bit.

Good Night All


  1. You are lucky that Fred is a good boy. I remember wrapping up a bag of Hershey Kisses all wrapped in colored foil. One morning I woke up and saw the wrapping paper torn up and the plastic bag that the Kisses were in, but never found any trace of the colored foil. As far as I know my black lab died with that foil still in his system years later! The biggest laugh is that many people warn to never give chocolate to a dog - "it will kill them". Black labs can eat anything.

  2. I wouldn't expect Fred to be anything other than a perfect gentleman.😜

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    No way would I put any kind of food under the tree, that's where the good boy would end. LOL

    Hi Nancy,

    Hi MS Nimble
    So good to see you again. I tried to read some of your circle but I just don't know how to figure it out. Have you been going camping again? Hope all is well.
    I'll let Fred know you think he is wonderful

  4. I only decorate outside anymore its just easier for me..a wreath on the door some garland up the porch posts and a little fake tree with lights in the yard! You've been a busy beaver and I bet it looks fab...Good Boy Fred! :o)

  5. Living in a fifthwheel, limitations on everything. Still like a few decorations. I'm sure your place looks spiffy.

  6. I have been taking my time putting up the Christmas Cheer. It has taken all month. I figure that I will take my time taking it down as well. Glad you are enjoying it!!

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Don't know know how fab it looks and I'm only doing because of the great grands to enjoy. lol Less is better.

    Hi Phyllis,

    When I had my class c I had little things in there too.

    Hi Karen,

    Yes taking my time too. And more than lighly will take my time taking it down. Iam enjoying it.