Friday, December 11, 2015

Moving Along

I finally made up the blank greeting cards today. They are under a few books to make sure the pictures stick well. Tomorrow I will make pkg. of 5 and tie them together with some silver ribbon and wrap them up. While I was going through photo matting I found more card stock I thought I had some somewhere, not much left in the pkg.

I put the new train up around the Village and it works great. But trying to reach the opposite side of the table is tough but I managed to get it all together.

I still haven't gone for the flu shot, maybe tomorrow.

I took down the shelf from the corner where the tree goes so maybe I will get it up tomorrow. Also still have a small village that I put up in the kitchen on the hutch but not sure I will put it there this year. Once I get the tree done I can figure out where to put other things.

Of course my Christmas Cactus is beautiful as it always is this time of year.

Good Night All


  1. Wow Jo, my Christmas Cactus was a gift 2 years ago and it was very tiny. I have been carefully tending it and it is getting larger and has flowers blooming right now. I hope when it grows up, it will be as beautiful as yours is.

    PS First we had a forecast for snow tonight but they changed it to just a light rain and warmer. :-)

  2. The Christmas cactus is so beautiful!

  3. Hi JMD,
    I was given this one many years ago as thank you. They do great with less water but when they are full of flowers a little more is required. I only move it this time of year because the village farm sits in its place. I kept it in its orginal pot for years then finally put it in its present pot.
    We had pouring rain all night and our high is only going to be around 56.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank You!

  4. Im so jealous my cactus had one bloom this yr! Yours is awesome!

  5. I see my answer to you Sondra didn't go through.
    Seems to love the southern window in my house. But it is now southeast due to Christam Decorations. Even in the hot sun of summer it stays in that window. Thank You

  6. Still busy, I see! It's good to read you, again. GO GET THE FLU SHOT! Pats and love to Fred!

  7. Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful! I wish I had mine again. Wonder if it is still alive at my daughters. lol