Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Think Its Update Time

Since my last post the weather has been great and I have tried to keep busy.

I can't believe how much money I have spent on grocery's to put the holiday together and I am not finished yet. Of course the kids will all bring something too. 

I have only bought 3 gifts so far 1each for great grandsons and a stocking full of toys for Fred, he need those like a hole in the head.

I finished the baby blanket and made a few hats for the homeless.

My friend realized she was 3 short on the wash cloths so we went to Michael's and bought another red  I finishes those tonight.

My Granddaughter and her Hubby stopped by and set up the Village and will come Sat. to decorate outside and haul the tree in so I can decorate that. 

Yes it has been busy.

Christmas Eve is growing in numbers and it will be like the old days of lots of children and laughter with adults. New family members too. Christmas was to be at my daughters house but since my grandson has to work we will do it Sat. and we will do it here since he also works Sat. but only until 3pm. My daughter will do the cooking and bring it over here. I like that :) I will make desserts and salad and maybe a garlic bread too.

I swear I will go do my Christmas shopping tomorrow if it kills me. And a gift for my daughters birthday on the 21 st. I want to be done. 
Then off to get a flu shot. Theres a nasty flu going around this year that has been lasting about 9 days of real sickness, the shot may not prevent this strain but maybe keep it from being really bad.

Good Night All


  1. OH I got tired just reading all that holidays are fun but lots of extra expense, But the Good part is the fellowship and fun of being together and Fred will thank you when he opens his stocking!!

  2. You are going to need a month to recuperate from all the good times. But oh what wonderful memories you will have.

  3. Gosh, just realized how close the 25th is!,,,Guess id better start,,, uh, something. lol

  4. Hi Sondra,

    As I am still sitting here and not shopping yet! I will need to get a move on. I started out so late this year just not feeling the holidays, Then the kids showed up with the babies and it was full on Holiday time.

    Hi Sandie,

    I bet I will but the memories will make it all worth it.

    Hi Trouble,

    Yes it is close and I need to get moving.

  5. I just love big holiday gatherings, especially when all ages are represented. Coming from a big family I grew up that way and can't imagine anything else.

    I'm not getting the flu shot - and I'm hoping I have my immune system in good order.

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    It had been a small affair for a few years but it started growing last year and this year it has REALLY grown. I'm quite happy about it.