Monday, December 7, 2015

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Remembering all the victims and the families that lost their lives on this awful day.

I had to call the tech yet again. I can't seem to make him understand he is using up all my minutes as it is and then how he has to go into all this techie crap like I care or understand and always bringing up the difference with windows 8.1, I never had it so why constantly be bringing it up. Anyway I was finally able to transfer the pictures off my camera but it is such a merry go round to get there. And then he wants to tell me this is what I had before. Anyway if I have anymore problems I will just find some else to do what I want done not what some one else thinks I should have.

Kept busy today with cooking and cleaning up. Made a couple hats for the homeless.

Tomorrow I will run to Michael's with my friend who will need a couple more wash cloths. After that I really need to work on my own projects with making up the greeting cards.

Good Night All


  1. I hope you get your cards made here we have only ONE computer repair store so its that or drive 30 fact there is only ONE store here where one could buy a computer..Walmart!

  2. Hi Sondra,
    If I would quit messing around I could get the cards done. But I get side tracked way to easily. I bought my computers at Walmart the problem computers were all HP, this is a Toshiba and I haven't had any trouble but it started getting slow so all he was supposed to do was clean it up and put in a new hard drive, But no he had to go add that stinkin windows 10 and it has been nothing but trouble since

  3. You sound like me with my new Mr. Coffee. I just want something to make me a good cup of coffee, and forget all the extra water filters, timers, and things that I don't want to learn how to use. I think we're just getting old - young people seem to love the constant changing and updating of things.

  4. Jo, I sympathize, I have 8.1, a total nightmare, take it to Office Max, tell them what you want and it will be done. I have a Toshiba and once they fixed it so I can operate it I really like it a lot.

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I guess we are just getting old. I want simple like it was before.

    Hi JMD,

    I'm going to call around for prices to fix what I already paid lots of money for already.