Friday, December 4, 2015


The guy called early this morning and we made the switch from the windows 10 photo back to windows 7. It still isn't quite what I had but I was at last able to print after much clicking and searching. Of course I lost the ability to crop and fix pictures and I still don't know about transferring from the camera to the computer. I will take some pictures tomorrow when the kids come to decorate the house.

I printed out quite a few pictures and then ran to Office Max and found the card stock. I might make up a few tomorrow if I have time before the kids all get here.

Good Night All


  1. I hope you are happy with your computer's performance. At least the operating system will be familiar.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    I still haven't transfered and that will be the big test. If that works I'll be happy. I used to be able to print multiple pictures now only one at a time.

  3. Good luck hope it works...I just found out my tower (PC) id not turning on, it is my backup, or should I say was, Im wondering if I can fix it can't hurt to look at it maybe it just needs a new switch.

  4. You have made my decision,,,lol. Do NOT want 10!!!

  5. Hi Sondra,
    Hate this windows 10 still can't transfer pictures to laptop and I have some new ones of my new great grands.

    Hi Trouble,

    Don't do it

  6. I downloaded 10 last week. So far, so good. Sure hope I don't have any of the problems you did.

  7. Hope the picture thing gets back to normal for ya!

  8. Hi Phyllis,

    It is so agrivating when you try to explain things to some of these tech people they are so fixated on what they think it should be not what you know it should be.

    Hi Jim,

    Well I was able to transfer pictures today lets see how long it lasts.