Friday, February 19, 2016

Birthday Came And ......

Wed. was my birthday and I am still celebrating. They say you only turn 39 once but I don't know I kind of like that number so I'm calling it mine. It has been really fun to celebrate with friends and family on different days. Wed. evening my daughter Debbie and SIL Tony took me to an Italian Restuarante'. It was absolutely fantastic. Wonderful place the sun was setting and we were very close to the Catalina Mountans and the colors just kept changing and the shadows made it breath taking.
 I am proud of how well I have done with all the eating out. Ate salads mostly with fat free or low cal dressings. Tomorrow it's breakfast with Kathy n Barb. Breakfast can be tricky so I will have to scan the menu carefully.

Tomorrow afternoon my grand daughter wants to take me to lunch but not until after 2:30. Lunch is so easy. But that will have to be my last meal of the day.

Sunday is breakfast with my daughter Tracy as always and do some shopping.

 Tues meeting up with friends Bobbie n Lucy for some Chinese lunch. By then I will be so ready to stop celebrating lol.

I'm finding that with doing this PulsePledge the food is very filling and I have noticed lots of changes in how much I eat even when eating out. It is much more filling and satisfying. Tonite I made a veggie that normally I would have kept eating until I finished but by adding 2 tbs of lentils I was done with the small portion on my plate.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend

Good Night All


  1. Happy Birthday Jo and congrats on the eating out and still sticking to the diet. I don't do that very good.

  2. Hi Sandie,

    Thank you. It sure isn't easy to keep on the straight when eating out, that's why I prefer lunch.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jo and congratulations on controlling what you eat especially when eating out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Wow you have been celebrating...I haven't eaten out in forever unless you count coffee at McDonald's when I traveled to FL...Good for you one keeping a hawks eye on that menu and ordering what works best for your diet!! The hidden calories is what always gets a body off track!

  5. Hi Rick n Kathy,

    Thank you for the wishes. Eating out can be a real hazard but I am managing but I will be happy for it to be done.

    Hi Sondra,

    Thank You for the wishes.

    I really rather eat at home since it is so much easier to know what is right. Yes hidden calories are a problem.

  6. Happy belated birthday.

    I wish I enjoyed eating out, and then I wouldn't have to cook for myself! But there are few restaurants I really like.

  7. Jo, you truly know how to have a great birthday! You go.

    PS I wouldn't mind a few 39 birthdays anymore.

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you for the wishes. It's nice to eat out once in a while but I really to make my own food now.

    HI JMD,
    Thanks for the wishes.
    I figure might as well make the best of it. Its easy to say Iam 39. The waiter asked if I was 34 I said OH NO 39 he got a big kick out of that. LOL