Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clean Bill

Today I went in for my follow up and the blood work mess and a mamo.

I already new the results of the mamo since they sent me a letter stating all was fine.

Blood work also was all good.

Today is a 1 1/2 weeks into the PlusePledge I have been doing. My blood pressure was spot on, not that I ever had high blood pressure but it was alway a little bit raised. I have also lost a few pounds. I also feel so much better since I started following this program. I discussed this with my Dr. and he was very interested in this program and is going to look into it. He is quite impressed with my progress.

So all in all I got a Clean Bill of Health today and I am pleased. 
Now I need to push myself to get some exercise but I think now that I have seen the results so far I am more inclined to move forward.

Good Night All


  1. I can't think of any better Birthday news for the week than a good report from the Dr. and test results. Way to go!

  2. Hi JMD,

    Yes it was good news. In three months we are going to check my Cholesterol to see if I can stop the meds for that.That sure will make me happy. Now the push is on to start miled work outs.

  3. Good for you! Taking your health into your own hands is the answer to a healthier you!!

  4. Sounds like things are going good for you.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it is, in 3 months I will get blood work to see how the cholesterol is doing and hopefully get off the crestor which also has another pill to take with it.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes it was really nice to hear good news for a change.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Thank you.

    Hi Teri,

    Yes it's about time too. I'm excited

  6. Hi Trouble,

    Thank you it feels great to feel good.