Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home Changes and Improvements

Yesterday I did some changing around of pictures. I had the family pictures going down the hall wall. I took them down and gave them a really good cleaning couldn't believe how dirty the glass was on both sides. I will hang them in my room.

I have been printing out lots of my photo's to hang on this wall instead. I need to buy some frames now. I have hung a few so far and I need to figure out a pattern so they fit right.

I found this web site for healthy eating and I really like this site. Its called the Pulse Pledge. It has very little meat and lots of beans and seed recipes. I had never cooked with lentils before so yesterday I made a really good dish with lentils and chickpeas and other veggies. It was so good.  I have made a few other dishes and now I have to stop as I have a freezer and fridge full of servings. 

Today the handyman showed up to put up the gutter and drain on the west side of the house as there never was one and it pretty much ruined the bottom half of the house and the skirting. the skirting was fixed already and a quick fix of the house was done also. Now to decide whether I want to replace the steps off the back end of the porch or rip out that useless garden tub out of the master bath. So much to do here. But that's what comes from owning your own piece of paradise lol

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like major repairs to me,,, l lol

  2. I live in a manufactured home and also have one of the garden tubs. I thought of taking it out but instead had a platform cover made for it (much cheaper) and now have my potted plants sitting in drip trays taking advantage of the warmth of the room and the moisture from when I take a shower.

  3. Hi Trouble,

    Yes lots of major repairs to be done around here.

    Hi Jacque,

    Yes this is a manufactured home too. I know a few who have put a platform over the top. I would just like it gone it has discolored something awful and I have tried every cleaner and restore stuff they sell which might have made it worse. I would like to put a linen closet in its place. But $$$$ keep jumping into my brain.

    1. I like the idea of putting a linen closet in place of the garden tub. We try to conserve water and I can't imagine filling one of those tubs with bath water. I'm going to check into getting out tub removed.

    2. I tried to use it when I first moved in the water was about 3 in deep and then I ran out of hot water. What a waste. All its good for is collecting dust so I swifter it or use the vacuum.

  4. Alas, one thing always leads to about 20 more things given enough time. PS Nice and warm, sunny and just great. No bugs that were biting.

  5. Hi JMD,

    Boy isn't that the truth. As for the weather it is way to hot already, we broke a record set back in 1954 when we hit 86 yesterday. We went from one extreme to another really fast.

  6. Hi Jo, you could put a platform on top of tub and make a pretty fabric skirt to cover the bottom or build a plywood base and cover it with fake stone or brick tiles - then put your shorter linen closet on top of platform - would save a lot of expense and lots of ideas to decorate - or you could use a whimsical approach and put a huge stuffed gorilla or white tiger or a whole group of dolls etc in the tub and throw in a bunch of silk flowers or something that looked like bubbles - hang a big fern or spider plant from ceiling and a sparkly wind chime, put tropical posters on the wall behind tub - you get the idea - Have FUN with it for very low cost - Just some ideas - Cindy

  7. My gosh, woman, do you ever rest? I got good news. I have a wall of pictures (need to update them soon as another of my grandchildren is getting married). Pats to Fred.

  8. Hi Moonfly,

    This is a round tub and I want it gone, no stuffed animals, no dolls, no fake or real flowers just gone. It sticks out to far to put anything on top of it, I just want it gone, lol

    Hi Jack,

    I wish I could figure out your new google thing. Do you not write anything and just post pictures?
    I sure know about the grandkids getting married and having family's of their own we had lots of babies born last year and 1 this year. I will give Fred his pats from you.

  9. I don't blame you my sister has one it's a complete waste of floor space! A closet would be a great idea!! If I was there I'd help you take it out...should not be hard just step by step.