Friday, February 12, 2016

Staying On The Go

I have had 2 busy days and the temps are way up.

Yesterday we broke a record set back in the 50's it was 86 and it was the same today. Not ready for this. But looks like it will cool down again and next month seems to be winter will be returning.

Yesterday Rose and I went to Home Goods for the spices I have been looking for and yes they had them. I have one favorite and they only had 2 left so I grabbed them and a few I didn't have. I bought some pink salt and found out you need to use very little of it. I also bought some small jars to hold herbs, to larger glass jars to holding split peas and the left over lentils. Found some fold able cutting sheets which I really like makes it much easier to put cut up veggies in a pan. I have one that has lasted a few years now and it isn't looking all that good anymore. I could have used 1 more of the larger glass jars but that can wait for another time.

One store over was the Natural Grocery, so we stopped in there and I found 5,000 mg of Vitamin D so I grabbed that and a bag of parsley and my glycerine soap. I was hoping to find Romano cheese but they didn't carry it. I love that cheese I'll have to tag along with someone going to Costco that has been the only store I have found it.

Today I finally had the truck washed as it was really filthy. When I went to get in it looked like they didn't even vacuum so I told the guy who wiped it down and he brought it back and made them do it again. Of course the dash board doesn't look like it was wipe down either but I'll just do it myself tomorrow.

I needed Fred's food and some produce so I was right there by the Super Walmart and went in. No 10 pd bags which is why I went there the small store doesn't have that size. Buying 2 small bags would cost about $3. more. I will try another brand and see how he likes that. I don't doubt he won't he eats anything he finds on the floor or outside.

While I was there I figured I would look for that other container I needed and found them to be a bit higher than what I paid at Home Goods so I left them right there on the shelf.

Good Night All 


  1. Funny how you can buy the best money will get you and the dog won't eat it,,,,yet some nasty something they find our on the ground they will dive for it!!

  2. Hi Sondra,
    I know, I have to be faster than he is and that isn't easy. Going to mix the foods together but I'm sure he'll eat it... or starve ahahha we know that won't happen

  3. I finally broke down and turned my AC on, one day. Be really glad for a cool down.

  4. Hi Trouble,

    I haven't had to do that yet just using ceiling fans. We should cool down next week