Monday, February 1, 2016

Wind, Rain, Freezing

Sunday I went off with my daughter Tracy for our usual breakfast. We left much earlier this time and were able to go to out favorite restaurant. We had a nice breakfast and didn't rush, they make the best coffee there so I enjoyed a few cups. But their cups are really small so it wasn't like I had way to much.

After breakfast we hit up Fry's so she could buy come groceries and I only picked up a couple things as I find their prices way to high. I think Tracy feels the same way now too.

It was such a pretty day so I figured I should spray some weeds since the weather was going to turn really bad. I also finally washed the windows. I had done them Sat. but when the sun hit them they sure didn't look all that much better. I had the scrubber Windex pad so I went over them again. By afternoon the wind picked up and now the windows are once again covered in dirt and dust. 

By early evening the wind was very strong and just kept getting stronger with wild wind gusts. About 11pm the power went off. I'm so glad I keep my LED lanterns in the house and loaded. I figured I may as well just go to bed and read my Kindle. I don't know how long the power was off as I fell asleep and woke up during the night and it was on. I was to sleepy to check my phone to see what time it was. Then I was awakened by super hard pouring rain and the wind was still blowing away.

This morning the wind had died down some but it was very cloudy and super cold.
I didn't want to be sitting around so I showered and finally went for a much needed hair cut and some color. At least now I don't look all washed out and I was happy with the cut.

After leaving there I went to Walmart for some veggies and salads. It was kinda raining but not much. 

Later my daughter posted a picture of what she said was either snow or tiny hale. The mountains were completely covered in heavy clouds all day so I imagine they are covered in snow again.

Our low tonight will be 28 and the high for tomorrow will be around 48. This month looks to be about like this with just a few high 60s to low 70s. 

Good Night All 


  1. We trudged out in the snow to grocery shop. Let's just say neither was fun but now I won't need to go out for at least 10 or so days.

    I can't wash windows to save my life. Always streaked no matter what I do. I need a window teacher. :-o

  2. We have had a few very pretty days with temperatures up in the 70's. That is all going to change tonight and winter will return. Well, at least what they call winter here in East Texas. I used to live in Pennsylvania, and they had real winters. Don't miss them any more.

  3. Hi JMD,

    You 2 are braver than I am I would have made due with what I had but then it's just me so I can do that.

    The window's don't look all that great but at least they don't look like fog anymore. I will have to get on a ladder and clean them the old fashion way.

    Hi Dizzy -Dick,

    We had some great days and we knew this was coming. It was in the 20's last night and a cold day today and tomorrow.

    I'm from NJ and I don't miss all that snow and cold either.

  4. We are warmer than you are but I'm still whining about how cold it is. I can hardly wait til this week-end when it warms back up.

  5. I/m from KY/Ohio/VA/NC, and I miss the weather back there. It's getting harder to deal with the cold since my house never warms up. I think I feel warmer when I go outside than staying indoors!

  6. Jo, hold a good thought for me, we will be 19 tonite! yikes, that is so cold.

  7. Hi Sandie,

    At least I like the nice crisp air haha yes should warm up a bit by this weekend. Talking about a hard freeze tonight I already lost my flowers but one so I went out to cover it up.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I know what your saying about it being warmer outside. My windows are so cheap they don't hold back much. And when I was washing them lots of water came into the house. Good thing I have awnings over most of the windows. Maybe I could replace them one a year. Or just do the next best thing and buy and hang some drapes.

    Hi JMD,

    Try and stay warm, your temps are a lot lower than ours and these are low enough.