Sunday, April 3, 2016

Busy, Busy

Trying to get things done around here. Kinda of a spring cleaning jam session. 
Friday, I , had to get in a landscaper to clear up all the bushed that grew into my yard from my nasty neighbor and his tree branches cut back too. I had a large flower pot that was starting to crack and fall apart and it was filled with dirt. The also removed that and pulled a few weeds that had sprung up. I hate paying to have someone Else's yard mess cleaned up. But the guys did a super job and I was really pleased. 

Sat. I cleaned more windows and realized that the blind in the computer room was really nasty and had to go. Did other major cleaning of other things.

Sunday, picked up my daughter, for our Sunday breakfast which turned out to be pretty disappointing as the coffee was cold and I, know I, didn't get what I, ordered. The waitress never came back to refill my coffee either.  After that we headed to Lowe's to buy another blind and back to my house so Tracy, could hang it for me, she, did a great job. Then put the risers back on the couch as having my other kids take them off was a mistake on my part. The couch sits way to low and I kept stubbing my toes on it when I opened or closed the blind. I can't understand why they are making furniture so low to the floor. Then off we, went to the grocery store and back to my house to put the stuff away. On the way to take her, home I, stopped and gassed up for the trip tomorrow and then drop off her rent payment. Thank You my Tracy! 

I, was really tired by time I, got home and it was still early in the day. So it was a good weekend and lots got done.

Good Night All


  1. A good daughter is worth her weight in gold. And a good son and son-in-law too! My daughter and I did some errands yesterday, and then worked out at the gym. It was a good day, and i'm glad you had one too.

  2. With the pollen flying here we will have some major cleaning to do later on. I had an errand day yesterday, glad to get it done.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes they are I have to wonderful daughters and 1 son-in-law that are great. These days I just would be lost without them.

    Hi Sondra,

    Talk about pollen YIKES! The Palo Verde trees are blooming everywhere and while they are so pretty all covered in their yellow flowers everyone is dying. Seemed to be a big errand day yesterday.