Thursday, March 31, 2016

Little Less Wind

The weather here has been like a roller coaster. Sat. n Sunday it was blazing hot. Monday the temperature went from 89 on Sunday to 66 on Monday and has pretty much stayed in the 60' so far. The nights and early morning are pretty darn chilly. Tonight it will be around 45 again but by afternoon it will be 73. The winds have died down quite a bit.  

Of course with the weather being chilly Fred has been a real pest about me turning on the little fireplace and yes I gave in as I was really cold myself. 

I got ready to go for my apt. this morning and thought no one ever called to remind me of this as most Dr. or other medical places do. So I called to see if I maybe had the wrong week. I was informed my apt. was yesterday. I asked about not being notified and said that my cell service wasn't in their system WTH! So now I will have to be going next week Friday. 

I did laundry today and picked up around the house. Last night I had cooked some split peas for a soup I had a recipe for. I wasn't sure if the peas would grow like the lentils did so I didn't cook enough. And the recipe left a lot to be desired. I added some herbs and other things to it and it sure made a big difference. So this morning I made up more split peas to add to the soup. Now it is perfect.

Good Night All


  1. Split pea my favorite. Been chilly up on the mountain even had a light dusten of snow

  2. I haven't had split pea soup in years, but I wait until I think about it and crave it, and that's years apart.

  3. It's been a long time since I had split peas soup as well...Im on a low carb kick right now so Im searching out new ideas. I started riding my bike to get my heart rate up and no junk food...wish me luck. Our weather has been like yours cold one day rain and warm then chilly again. Spring is always iffy.

  4. Hi Ryan,
    A couple of friends are up there right now and said the same thing. But they love it and go back and forth all winter. I'm chomping at the bit about what to do. If I come up I will make you a nice big pot of course by then it will be warm and don't know if you want it then.

    Hi Gypsy,

    This was my first time making it and once I made it more to my liking I loved it.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes trying a few things different too, staying away for lots of carbs it's the kicker to wanting more. I think tomorrow I will cook up another pot of lentils but I have to be careful with them too. It isn't easy but I know you can do it. I don't do junk food at all. Yes the weather is crazy right now and today we hit the mid 70's I like the 60's better.

  5. Windy here, today. I think I'm going to be thankful I have the new hitch, especially driving through the mid west. Fred is so funny, and you are, too. He knows what makes him comfortable. Jack used to paw on the floor where I kept my heater when we were camping. Don't you wonder who's boss sometimes? My Mom loved pea soup. Funny the things that bring her to my memory--little things all the time. Oh, and my dentist office reminds me a month ahead of time with a reminder that I will be charged if I don't show up. I tell them to call back the day before. They don't like it, but they do it.

  6. Hi Nancy,

    Yes he is a real silly guy, his latest is bringing me a toy and when I start to make a move he runs like crazy. I swear I hear him laughing at me. I can't wait to hear about this trip and how the new hitch works for you. When so you leave? I think they forgot to call me not that my service isn't in their data base. And to call a month ahead of time is like not calling at all.