Saturday, April 23, 2016

San Xavier Mission

I made everyone breakfast this morning and then we went on a little trip.

We stopped at San Xavier Mission and all the horrible graffiti was gone. Some climbed the little hill to see the nech and the cross while some of us explored the back of the church. In all the years I have been going there I don't think I have ever been back there. There was a small museum and a wonderful court yard.

This is the cross on top of the hill my cousin's climbed

This little sparrow was really wanting to be fed while his little buddie seemed to be sleeping

After visiting the San Xavier we went on to Madera Canyon where the tempature was so much cooler. We wanted to see birds but they sure weren't very active at that time.

 Lesser Gold Finch
 I shot this through the feeder since he wouldn't land on my side and his color was so beautiful lol

Acorn Woodpecker

We stopped for lunch on the way home at The Family Restaurant in Green Valley, always great food.

It was pretty windy today and it sure kicked everyone's butt I came home and went right to sleep hahaha 

Good Night All


  1. SO happy to see you out and about....Love your birds!! That Acorn Woodpecker is amazing!! The architecture of the Mission is something it!!

  2. That looks so serene, wish our fountains were that large. :-)

  3. We visited there a few years ago. Was distraught when I heard about the graffiti. Glad it was cleaned up in rapid order. As usual, great bird shots.

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it was good to go wandering. Just wish the wind would quit blowing. the Acorn Woodpeckers are such clowns I could watch them for hours.

    Hi JMD,

    I love fountains and I have a small one, something about the water flowing over to the next level sounds so soothing.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I was so happy to see it all cleaned up. It was very crowded and my cousin said it looked like a Christing was going on.