Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Misting System A No

Yesterday went to Lowe's and picked up one of those misting things on a stand. Hooked it up this morning and it leaked really bad at the connection with hose. I added another washer and it stopped. but the spray is way to hard and it was causing way to much water on the porch. So it goes back tomorrow. My friend also bought one and returned hers today. So I will just get out there as early as possible and enjoy it for as long as I can until it gets way to hot. I'm not giving up I will keep thinking.

I transplanted the plant  bought yesterday and I know it was really happy to have more room for its poor roots to stretch out.

Mothers Day Gifts

 I received this wonderful gift today from my cousin as a thank you gift 

My beautiful granddaughter Alexis
 My handsome grandson Adam

Good Night All


  1. Haven't had much luck with misters either. One I like is off my hose's sprayer set to "mist". Think will try something with that Nice looking grandkids - aren't you a proud one.

  2. The flowers are wonderful! I am a huge fan of candles. I bought a jasmine one when we were out of state. Sorry about the mister. Wonder if some shades on the patio and a fan would do the trick? We have fake bamboo shades on our patio and it does help when it is "wilting" outside.

  3. Hi Emily,

    I'm going to check out a portable cooler box but I bet they cost a pretty penny not to mention the electric bill the a/c is bad enough but I will check. Thank you I am proud of my grandkids.

    Hi JMD,

    My porch is pretty much shaded the problem is 2 things, 1 the sun hits it all day 2 the slats are aluminum and the roof too so you know that will heat up real good. I might have to just use the carport side and hang a roll up there, I have a roll up that I bought for that side a couple years ago but never hung up. Sure am having sheeter ploblems already dirty little things. Oh well if you want flowers you get skeeters

  4. Beautiful grandchildren! Aren't they a joy?

    I have never owned a mister but sometimes in the hot summertime Home Depot has one going in their garden dept. (outdoors). They really do cool you down.

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank You and yes they are a joy

  6. Grands are really nice looking. Sure grow up fast, don't they?

  7. Hi Jim my Friend,

    Yes they do and some of them are having children already. But I am not getting any older. (Ok I'm lying)