Monday, May 9, 2016


Mothers Day was great. Did breakfast with my daughter Tracy and granddaughter Aliya. They gave me a hanging basket of flowers and a rainbow bouquet of flowers.We sat out on the porch and found the perfect place to hang the flowers. Of course I didn't take pictures.

 Later in the afternoon my daughter Debbie came by giving me a 2 bowl set that could go from freezer to micro and has the steam lids and a wonderfully scented candle. We visited for a while and caught up on things. Of course the wind picked up again so no outdoors in the afternoon.

Today was a gorgeous day so I cleaned up the yard and porch. Added more dirt to the Azalea pot and made a gallon of Miracle Grow as the dirt in my pots is really old. I hope it helps the Azalea plant. I trimmed back the flowers on the other plants and they where getting leggy. Enjoyed being out there all day listening to the birds and the water flowing in the fountain.

When I first moved here I had a misting system and it really helped with the heat in the mornings and after the sun went down. I figured I need to make this porch as comfy as possible since I don't know if I will be going anywhere this summer or maybe just for  a week or so. I'll go check the systems out tomorrow and see what other trouble I can get into.

I see you little Leezerd, Leezerd

Pyrrhuloxia, can't tell from the front if this is a male or female, their songs are the same as a cardinal. I filled the feeders today so maybe I will catch a better shot tomorrow

Good Night All


  1. You had a great Mothers day! I got 2 bottles of wine! I had a great meal with my son, my sis and my mom really fun. Great bird shots!!I have never seen the Pyrrhuloxia, would love to see one!!

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Happy you had a great day also 2 bottles of wine! Enjoy it. The first time I saw one was one I moved here, was so confused about the coloring since it is so similar in all ways but it's color

  3. I had a wonderful MD too. Glad yours was great.

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    I sure had a hard time catching him hidden in the branches.

    Hi Trouble,

    So happy for you and thank you

  5. Jo, I do hope you post pictures of your flowers. They sound wonderful. I have one pot of geraniums that I bought a month ago that are still friskie.