Monday, June 20, 2016

Can We Say HOT!

We are breaking records with this heat everywhere. Fires are burning everywhere. There might be ran on the way but that is a long shot and if it does and lightening comes with it it will be really bad.

The Cedar Fire jumped the containment lines yesterday when the wind changed directions and we are at last report 256,739 acres. 
There is another fire in Southwestern AZ about 30 miles from Tucson in the  mountain area near the Mexico boarder and last report had already burned 1,200 acres.

The fire in Canada is almost contained and CA. is in a real mess.

I only left my house to let out Fred and put the trash to the crub and I was hot, hot. And it was already late afternoon. It now 100 at 8:44 pm. Did a lot of crocheting today and am almost done with a baby hat I need done for tomorrow. 

Stay cool if you can and drink lots of water even if your  not leaving your house.

Good Night All


  1. I seem to be taking a lot of naps; more than I usually do. Sign of boredom?

  2. I Emily,

    I take at least one all the crocheting makes the eyes heavy. How are you doing? Hope your healling well.

    1. Actually doing really good. Doc said (for an old lady silently) am healing faster than he expected. Ha Don't use my air boot much anymore, still a little unsteady going up and down stairs or on slopes. But am pleased with myself.

    2. Good to hear this take it easy

  3. Absolutely HOT! We managed 114 yesterday and today is looking as bad if not worse. Feel so bad for the people working the fires...

    I think I am murdering my lantana on the patio despite watering it twice a day, looks hot and miserable.

  4. This is looking to be a bad summer for the heat and wildfires. Stay cool.

  5. Hi JMD,

    Yes it is HOT! but today they say it will only be 107, maybe I should break out my sweats. You may be over watering your lantana water it at night so it can absorb the water better. But then I could be very wrong.
    I know I feel bad for All the Firefighters too.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I couldn't believe how many fires are burning. Not looking good

  6. SO sorry about that extreme heat I know how that is! Here it has been a little better than it normally is..not so humid. I hope one year we can have a summer without these horrid wild fires!! You're smart to just stay inside and keep busy!

  7. Hi Sondra,
    I had to venture out today was getting stir crazy. Went to lunch with my friend its great to have such great a/c in the truck.

  8. The wildfires are very frightening especially that huge one. I wonder if that's the largest wildfire ever. 100 degrees is way way way too hot for me. Glad you are able to cope with it. I am running away to the north but if the climate chaos continues, there may not be anywhere to go to get away from the extreme temperatures in both winter and summer.

  9. Hi Sherry,

    If it was only a 100 I might think I need a sweater, it has been 116 some day's but right now it is only 108. It isn't the largest fire and I hope it doesn't become one. I was up there in 2011 when the big Wallo fire hit and went into NM a few years before that it was a double fire that joined together and that was really big. I guess it was a good thing I didn't make it up there this year. Hopw you find a cool place to go.