Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Few

Not much to write about these days. 
Went to lunch one day with my friend Lucy and boy was it hot out. 
I was supposed to go shopping but went straight home. Yesterday I lolly gagged around and left the house to late. I had to stop at my friend Barb's to drop something off and spent way to long running my mouth. But the shopping had to get done so off I went. Didn't buy much but enough to have to much to put on the front seat so it had to go in the back of the truck. So backing in was in order. And I am sure I have mentioned how bad I am at that chore. After getting things into the house I had to sit and guzzel plenty of water., as the temps once again were 108.  So see just a few things going on. 

I have a honey do list but since I  am the only honey around here I guess I better get busy with it. It is all indoors so there shouldn't be any excuse to not get some of them done.

Have a Great Day


  1. Ha, ha, have the same honey-do list, except when I can get son to visit and then it is son-do list. We have some clouds overhead today so holding temps down in the upper 90's so far. Watched the clouds dumping rain in the Gila Mts yesterday.

  2. If you can't think of excuses I can help you...I think I have it mastered in this heat.

  3. The heat is on here too as of yesterday!! Boy I am finished and inside by 1:30 or get ready to pass out!! Stay cool and drink plenty of water, Im thinking Swimming pool?

  4. In this kind of weather, even indoors is warm, and I don't get excited over a "Gypsy-do" list! At least our mornings are usually cool enough to get the basics done. I have an abbreviated basics list lately!

  5. Hi Emily,
    At least you have your son to do some of those things. I can get my daughter to do some for me but I feel bad because she works and has her own list.
    We had clouds today too and a little itty bitty shower.

    Hi JMD,
    I can come up with lots of excuses and I sure did. Maybe tomorrow.

    Hi Sondra,

    It was cooler today I even had the blinds opened. I didn't get much done but I did finish the baby hat. I haven't been to the pool in years the sun is on it almost all day.

    Hi Gypsy,
    I have a/c so the house is comfortable but I try not to turn it down much until late afternoon when it gets really hot.