Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tried A New Recipe

We had a few sprinkles the other day it lasted about 2 sec. But the clouds have been building and the humidity is on the rise. Yep monsoon season is here.

I finally got around to shampooing my chair but the sad news is its old. Its clean but the material is showing signs of wear and I guess its time to look for a new one. It served me well through the back injury and not being able to lay down and I slept in that chair for a long time. So with a few cleanings through all that she has had enough. I'll miss it. Maybe I'll find one just like it of course I'm sure the pattern won't be the same.

I found a new recipe somewhere on line and I finally tried it out yesterday.

Of course I made a few changes like not using the hot peppers

I used green chili's instead. But I used almost everything else 

in the recipe. It was so good and it is all low cal. 

I no longer use canned beans I make them from dried beans 
and cook them in veggie broth with low sodium. this way they 
won't have any sugar or salt in them.

I have no idea what is going on with blogger today but I am 
having a terrible time with fonts and over writing. So I will close

Have a Wonderful Weekend


  1. I use dry beans also, after I soak them I toss them in the crock pot. Easy and the kitchen doesn't get any hotter. We are still very warm but that is to be expected.

  2. Hi JMD,

    I like making my own beans and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least we know whats in them.
    It has cooled down some but now it is humid. Don't like summers down here at all

  3. I hate canned beans! Way too salty we always cook from dried also. That recipe looks awesome!! Maybe you can slipcover your chair?
    we have clouds & humidity today its nice n cool inside with AC blasting tho!

  4. Yes canned beans have way to much stuff added. A neighbor told me it wasn't such a big deal to cook dried beans so I went for it and I do enjoy them more.
    the chair was starting to sink down in the back so I figured it served me well all these years.
    Humidity is started to give me breathing problems again stinkin can't win sometimes.