Sunday, June 26, 2016


Woke up really early this morning. It was very cloudy and humid.

Today was breakfast with my daughter Tracy as usual and we went to another place we haven't been in a long time. The service was not at its best but the food was great as always. We talked about maybe going to the Mission and do some photos but I was having a real problem breathing and coughing. 

I started telling her about the chair needing to be replaced in the living room. She said we are really close to Levitz lets do that and at least be in the A/C. Then next week when they have the 4th sale I'll know which chair I want. So went and yes they still had the same style chair but the patterns just didn't cut it and the chair was already on sale and quite a bit more than I paid before. But I found one and while I'm not crazy about the pattern it will work. They didn't have a matching ottoman but maybe I can find material to cover the one I have since it is in really good condition. And the chair was on sale and would not be reduced anymore than this sale. Sooo I bought it and it is on order which is just fine with me. I will move the old chair into the guest/sitting room.
The picture isn't all that good, it is a cream and I think the writing is brown or black. I also bought the Care Package that is good for 7 yrs. It covers the material  and if the cushions or springs go bad. Since it is so light in color I figured it would be wise.

All the time we were out it would barely sprinkle then stop. Tonight one of my FB friends posted a video of it raining like crazy at her house a few miles from here. All we had was a sprinkles, then unexpected the thunder came and wam it poured, it was great. Of course the cooling doesn't last long and then the humidity is worse. Oh well I'm not going anywhere.

Good Night All


  1. That is something I miss living in an shopping! Only kind of shopping I enjoy. Lucky you....finding a chair you like.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes I saw many things I liked but I have everything I need. Yes I was lucky becuase my back is so bad and so many chairs are way to soft and then I couldn't get off.

  3. "I really like the chair, and it looks like a good chair for sitting a while. I would love to go looking at furniture but I need an entire set for my living room and can't afford it right now, so there is no need to shop.

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I sat in it for a good while to make sure and it seems to work wonderfully. I would love to buy a new living room set but there is nothing wrong with the rest of the furniture so just can't justify changing, unless my daughter finds a new place and she wants this stuff then I have an excuse. Although not a really good one but it works.

  5. IT's a great looking chair!! I like the simple lines and the idea of covering the ottoman is a good one! I keep hoping we will get some rain so I won't have to water the flower beds, but so far nope!

  6. When we bought Jim's chair for the fifth wheel, we were at the furniture store for hours as he sat in every chair they had to make sure his back wouldn't hurt. So he knows exactly why you need to be picky about what you spend your hard earned money on.

  7. Hi Sondra,
    I like simple but comfortable and it is. Now I am not very good at things like you but I will give it my best shot. How hard could it be its a box.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes I sat in lots of chairs and brought some things to the sales guys attention like how some furniture has such short legs you can't hardly get up off them. He said he never gave that a thought and would now pay more attention to that.
    Yes money is hard to come by now that I don't work so I have to make the best of it. And not having back issues is important sure had enough of that.