Sunday, July 24, 2016


 Change 1- I received my new chair on Friday for the living room. Love it. Now to get rid of the old chair. It isn't the greatest so if one of the kids want it they can have it or I will call a donation center to pick it up. It still has some life left to it. I didn't want to spend the money but the chair wasn't working for my back anymore so it was out of need. 

Change 2- And its a biggie. I have been having trouble with Walgreen's and prescription's for some time. I knew I had been over paying and when I brought it to their attention they sure didn't like it. They said to take it up with my Ins. so I did. They checked and yes they had been over charging me. Walgreen's was not happy and since then all I got from them was attitude. I'm not saying all Walgreen's have this problem but the one on Valencia + Cardinal has the worst people in their pharmaceutical dept. 
Then came are really high increase in Crestor. I stopped taking it back in March due to the super high increase. Big part of that WAS the insurance. it went up over $85. Well the fight was on and I was NOT winning. I tried taking natural sub meds everyone claims are so much better for you. Well not for me. I had horrible headaches and dizziness. And it wasn't cheap at $26. a bottle. No win there. Then again Walgreen's started filling my renewals for one month instead of 3, which of course costs me more money. Again the snotty attitude when I questioned this. 

So I kept hearing how good Safeway was so I went there. We did figure out that if I paid this new outrageous co pay the Crestor it would be cheaper  the next time I needed a 3 month refill. OK so I bit the bullet and paid $170. Everything went up but not our SS. But Safeway did turn out to be cheaper, I kept being told that the Crestor would be $ 176. I paid that in a total today for 3, 3 month prescriptions. I saved $12.40 at Safeway now that to me is a big savings. They are great people and they did lots of calling around to find out why I was paying so much. Thank You Safeway and Josie for all her hunting.

Change 3- My daughter Tracy and I found a new place for breakfast and we really enjoyed it. 

We finished out morning just about when it started getting to hot to enjoy any further adventuring around.

Have A Great Day


  1. There isn't a generic version of Crestor I gather. I wasn't a fan of Walgreen's either. "Cause since my SS benefit total is so low, I get Extra Help from SS. Sure made a difference when I started years ago. I also don't pay the Part D premium of my insurance coverage. Am with United Healthcare but am switching come this Fall, have not been happy with them at all.

  2. Really like your chair, Jo. A perky corner in your home.

  3. Hi Emily,

    There is a generic version but United Health care declined it, yet my friend has it and they didn't decline him? Yes United is not very good anymore. And I also get the Extra help deal but they have cut the % down by 25% and the United has also raised the co pay. I was thinking of changing to but my Dr. doesn't take any other plans. I don't think we have much hope of winning these battles.

    Hi JMD,

    Thank you

  4. Keep shopping around for a better plan and if your doctor doesn't like that it might be time to change him too.
    Kathy had been with our old auto insurance for over fifty years and we switched when we went fulltime.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Hey Jo! Think you can find the generic version online through some Canadian pharmacies, knew some people in my travels who used them a lot Stay cool down there

  6. Hey Jo! Think you can find the generic version online through some Canadian pharmacies, knew some people in my travels who used them a lot Stay cool down there

  7. SO sorry that you have to pay so much for your medicines...I guess there is no older generic of this you could take, ask your Dr they may know one. The chair is great looks so comfy! The sectional I have is an old one and I don't consider it very comfortable...Really would like something better.

  8. Hi Rick,

    It might come to changing Dr. if I find a better plan. He is a great Dr. and have been going there for 17 yrs wiht a few changes in between because of changes in ins. when I worked. But with all the increases in everything and no increase in SS I have to look out for me!

    Hi Ryan,

    I hadn't even considered Canada, I will look into that.
    I sure miss being up in the moutains this heat is a horrible thing. Be nice to see any progress on your new home.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes it is so expensive, but hope it comes down now. the generic was denied by the ins. for some reason but they said maybe by time I need another refill they might pass it.So far the chair is working out, now to find material to match so I can cover the ottoman and make some covers for the arms.