Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Bad Deal

We just had quite a storm blow through tonight. Lots of thunder and lightening. Then on the second round we had the rain.

On one of the blogs I read the news was not so good on a brand new Forest River travel trailer. Some one had recommend a really good hitch so she purchased it and it was costly. So off she went on her maiden voyage after being off the road due to medical problems. 

She had a hard time hitching up and just thought because it was a new to her hitch. On her way home the tow was really bad and she was so afraid she wouldn't make it home. Then the slide went bad. It was a long battle to get some one to come fix the hitch. It had never been properly installed at the Forest River Dealer. Then the next set up wasn't any better. And she still had a hard time hitching. After finally finding a dealer and a maintenance place she could take the trailer to they spotted another problem with the hitch before they ever even walked to the trailer. They did a complete check of the trailer and found the roof to be in horrible condition. Now remember this is a brand new Forest River trailer. I didn't bother trying to post her pictures but I was stunned at how awful the roof looked. The caulking around the sky light wasn't even sealing the area it was just clobbed all around. They told her for her age and safety to go back to a different hitching system. This morning she already had all the repairs done and is delighted with the wonderful service she finally receive and the repairs. On the way home she didn't even feel the trailer behind her much to her relief. Her lesson was never buy from the cheapest dealer and stay local as lots of places will not fix the warranty of Forest River RVs. I'm so happy for her and hope she can now enjoy her trailer and hit the road.

Good Night All


  1. Who is the person with the Forest River trailer? Does she have a blog we can look at?

  2. The blog you are looking for is
    No-one buying an RV should have to go through That. The problem is there are still simple minded men (self excluded) that believe they can pull the wool over a woman when selling them a product.
    Here is hoping that her problems with that trailer are over. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Itt's about time.

  3. Oh My so sorry your friend went through all that, but happy she now she now has everything fixed to her satisfaction. It deflates one's confidence when we get taken for a ride!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Here you are, you have to scroll down a few blogs to read this from the begining of the problem.

    Hi Rick n Kathy,

    Yes in some cases these creeps do still think we are backwards. I sure hope she has seen the last of the problems now.

  5. ive always had men think i didnt know doodly about cars,,,knew more than most of them.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Yes Nancy has had her fill of bad times and I hope now she can get on the road and enjoy her life again.

    Hi Trouble,

    Some times the look on their face is priceless when you correct them.