Saturday, July 30, 2016

Monsoons Have Arrived

We are into full monsoon season. It started  3 days ago. The storms usually come late afternoon or early evening. 

Lots of thunder and lightening. Then pounding rain. The rain will let up some but continues for most of the night into the early morning. By sunrise the sun is out and it is a little cooler but then you have the high humidity and high dew point which is what brings on the storms.

I brought out the battery powered fans just in case the power goes out. And of course the LED camping lanterns. So far so good the only thing that seems to go off is DirecTV.

I always unplug the lap top even though it is on a power strip. Tonight had a problem with internet but it fixed itself.

I should get out there and take some pictures but I have done that so often it just doesn't seem like over kill.

It is still raining and it makes me sleepy so I will end this here.

Good Night All


  1. Glad you are getting the rains we had a little shower last night every bit helps!

  2. Rain is needed but I sure hope that lightning isn't starting more fires.

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  5. Hi Sondra,

    Started to think this monsoon wasn't going to happen.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes we needed this rain as always. There have been a few fires up in the mountains but they are also getting the rain so it helps put them out.

  6. Think the monsoons were eagerly wanted this year, what a change! At about the same time, the American Goldfinches started arriving on their way south along with the Roufous hummingbirds on their way south. Monsoons are late, migrating birds are earlier this year.

  7. Hi Trouble,

    As I sit here I am starting to hear the rumble of thunder.

    Hi Emily,

    Yes it sure took it's time settling in. I think the birds want out of this horrible heat. Haven't even seen any hummers at my feeder I'll have to dump that out and make some fresh just incase

    1. In this heat of over 90º, it should be changed daily as the water evaporates leaving the syrup on the strong side for the hummers. The flies & bees like it.

  8. That sounds just like the weather where we are in PA. (near Gettysburg)

  9. Hi Jo! I hate this time of year because of the summer storms. They make every bone in my body ache. I got over to the pool, yesterday, and I was in the water about 15 minutes, when they blew the whistle - thunder--I waited around for a little while, but there was more booms. I was going to walk over to the indoor pool, but just said the heck with it and came home. Then the sky opened up. Love to Fred.

  10. Hi Phyllis,

    The humidity is the part that I hate reminds me of NJ.

    Hi Nancy,

    I don't mind the storms as long as I am not driving in them. We need the rian. Sorry you swimming didn't go so well maybe today will be better